Our finance services

Redbridge Council's finance service is a support service which helps us to provide financial advice and support to our customers.

The service plays an active role in helping us to meet our aims and objectives and is committed to continually improving our services and processes to our residents and stakeholders.

Our finances

We are committed to good financial management and to the ongoing review and improvement of our financial processes and services.

You can find important information about how we organise our finances and spend our money.

Find out more information about:

Statement of Accounts 2018/19

The statement of accounts for the year ending 31 March 2019, provides information about the expenditure and income of our services for the year 2018 to 2019 as well as our assets and liabilities at the year end. It also contains summarised information on capital expenditure, a cash flow statement and the pension fund accounts.

Copies of the statement of accounts are available. Please contact the Finance Service if you require a hard copy. You can also view other publications relating to our final accounts for 2018/19.


Statement of accounts for previous years

These accounts have been approved by the auditors. Copies can be downloaded and hard copies can be viewed in our libraries. If you require your own hard copy please contact our finance services. 



Insurance Documents:






You can also view DataShare where you can view detailed information and figures about our budget.

The purpose of our medium term financial strategy is to:

  • support our corporate planning process
  • indicate the resource issues and principles

It sets out the current and projected financial forecasts over a 3 year planning timeline and is aimed at supporting the development of our budget over this period. It also provides the framework to enable the effective delivery of our key plans and strategies.

We are required to publish our planned and actual spending on education and children’s social care under Section 251 of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009. We are required to publish schemes for financing schools, setting out the financial relationship between us and the schools we maintain.

We record our spending for:

  • total dedicated schools grant (DSG)
  • early years
  • high needs
  • post-16
  • other non-statutory spending

We must also provide details of our children and young people’s services budget.

The section 251 budget data statements are the primary means of informing schools and the public in general about our funding and expenditure plans on education and children’s social care functions in a form that allows benchmarking. 

To contact us email schools.finance@redbridge.gov.uk



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