Redbridge Enforcement Team

The Enforcement Team will tackle the issues we know most matter to you like fly-tipping, untidy land and littering.  We are charged with improving civic pride and clamping down on those who do not treat the Borough with respect.

We believe that:

  1. Laws must be enforced firmly but fairly
  2. Prevention is better cure
  3. Supporting local businesses is key (where possible we will help businesses to comply with laws by working with them giving them information and advice).


There are various types of enforcement action we can take to ensure compliance with the law dependent on the situation. These include:

  • issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)
  • issuing a statutory notice
  • seizure
  • prosecution
  • warning letters
  • informal action

Enforcement Officers in Redbridge are employed directly by the Council and are warranted under law with a range of delegated powers.  All officers carry a photo ID that shows their job title and name.

All officers wear a uniform which consists of:

  • black trousers
  • black tops with the Redbridge Council's logo
  • black jackets/fleece with the Redbridge Council's logo on the front (wearing is optional)
  • high visibility body armour with the Redbridge Council's logo and ‘Redbridge Enforcement’ on either side of the front and ‘Redbridge Enforcement’ on the back.
  • body-worn cameras and radios

Officers do also perform plain clothes operations but will carry Council ID to identify themselves when required.

We work across the entire Borough on either foot or in clearly marked Council vehicles.  Redbridge Enforcement Officers wear and use body-worn cameras that record visual and audio information. The use of body-worn cameras allows for the collection of evidence (which can be used in prosecutions), the accurate recording of engagement with residents/businesses and improve the safety of officers and members of the public.

You can find out further information on the use of body-worn cameras on our CCTV webpage.

View our CCTV webpage

By law, we may issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for certain offences.

Paying an FPN is not an admission of guilt, this allows you to discharge your liability for the offence (this means that whilst this is not an admission of guilt, you do agree that an offence has been committed and that by paying the stated amount of money no further action will be taken by or on behalf of the Council). FPNs are a means of enforcement that avoids a criminal prosecution and record for the defendant. We may issue a FPN for a first offence without giving a warning.

The table below shows the FPN amount (not all penalties have a reduced rate) to be paid for each type of offence along with the offence code.



Offence code

Amount to be paid

Reduced amount

Fly tipping








Failure to comply with a Public Spaces Protection Order




Graffiti & Fly posting




Failure to produce authority




Failure to furnish documentation




Repairing vehicle on the highway




Displaying advertisements in contravention




Abandoning a vehicle




Failure to comply with a waste receptacle notice




Failure to comply with a Community Protection Notice




Depositing materials on a made-up carriage way




Interruption to the user of the Highway




Wilful obstruction of the Highway




Scaffolding on the Highway without a permit




Vehicle over hanging the Highway




Skip on Highway without a permit




Failure to secure working lights or other markings to a skip




Failure to secure markings on a skip




Failure to remove a skip




Failure to comply with permit conditions




Littering from a motor vehicle




Contravention of a street trading licence




Resisting or obstructing authorised officer (street trading)




Failure to provide street trading licence on demand




Unlicensed street trading




If you are issued with an on the spot FPN money is never taken at the scene, Enforcement Officers do not take payments.  The FPN's they issue will tell you how you can pay.  Our Officers can also explain the payment options if further explanation is required.

You can make a card payment online:

Pay Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)

You can send a cheque (made payable to The London Borough of Redbridge) to the below address, please ensure you include the FPN reference number so it is clear which FPN is being paid:

Redbridge Enforcement Team
Civic Pride
PO BOX 2265

If you refuse to pay the FPN you will be prosecuted for the offence.  If you do not pay the FPN within the specified time stated on the FPN and the matter goes to Magistrates’ Court, you could then incur more costs.  Paying an FPN on time means we cannot take prosecution action against you for the offence.

Disputing a Fixed Penalty Notice

While there is no legal right of appeal to a Fixed Penalty Notice, you can query an FPN in the form of a ‘representation’.

Representations will not be considered on the basis that:

  • you did not know the law
  • you did not know the law was being enforced
  • it was the first time you committed the offence;
  • you have always done this and never received a penalty or warning before
  • you believe the officer issuing the FPN was rude or did not behave appropriately

You cannot make a representation based on the behaviour of the Enforcement Officer.  If you wish to make a complaint about the conduct or behaviour of an Officer you should visit the Councils website and use the complaints section.  We will process the complaint separately to the FPN representation. You are still liable to prosecution if you don't pay the FPN on time.

Make a representation

You can be given a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for littering offences (litter includes cigarette butts and chewing gum).

It is an offence if either:

  • you drop litter and walk away after you have dropped it;
  • your dog fouls in a public place and you walk away without clearing the mess

It does not matter whether you volunteer to pick up the waste afterwards, you have committed the offence and will be issued an FPN.

We do not have to put up signs in streets or open spaces to tell you not to litter or that litter patrols are working in the area.

Cigarette stubs

Smokers must fully extinguish cigarettes before putting them in the bin. Many bins have stubbing plates you can use. You may also choose to carry a portable 'butt pouch' or 'pocket ashtray'. By law, cigarette waste is the same as other waste – you can be given a FPN for not disposing of cigarette stubs properly. Placing a cigarette stub down a drain or in a stream is a littering offence for which you will be given a FPN.


Fly-tipping is the dumping of rubbish in a place where it is not authorised – this can be anything from a sack of household rubbish, a sofa or anything up to large commercial waste deposits i.e. builders waste. This is a criminal offence and you can be issued a £400 FPN or be prosecuted through the courts where you can receive a fine and/or imprisonment if convicted of the offence.

Report a fly-tip


Please note the Borough wide ‘Bring’ sites are not authorised to take household waste, they can only accept your excess recyclable materials. Each bin at each site is clearly marked with the type of recyclable material it can accept, please do not place any items that are not accepted at the site. No items are to be placed on or around the recycling bins, even if full, as this would constitute an offence for which you could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice. These sites are NOT to be used for commercial waste. 

View the locations of our bring sites

Reporting fly-tippers - what should I do if I see someone dumping waste?

Call the council on 020 8554 5000.

If it is large fly-tip and you are witnessing the event taking place please contact the Police immediately on 999 before reporting it to the council.

Provide as many details as possible of the offence such as time, date, description of person/s, description of vehicle, type of waste & registration as these details will greatly assist with further investigations. If it is possible to take pictures or video evidence this will greatly increase the chance of identifying the offender/s.  Please ensure that you put your safety first and do not place yourself into a dangerous situation.

Fly-tipping on private land

While the Enforcement Team will investigate fly tipping on private land it remains the responsibility of the landowner(s) to clear any fly-tipping on their land. The council can help to clear the rubbish but there is a charge for this service. If you are the landowner(s), you must make sure your land is as secure as possible. If you wish the council to clear your private land please call 020 8554 5000 and request a quotation for Cleansing Services to clear the waste.

We encourage residents to take pride in the Borough and act in a socially responsible manner by ensuring that their gardens are kept free of mess and rubbish.  Whilst a front garden may be private land, an untidy garden or garden kept in poor condition can make the whole street look unpleasant and have a detrimental effect on the local area, including attracting vermin. Rubbish from the garden can also migrate onto the street, negatively impacting the condition of the area and costing council tax payers to clean.

We understand that residents on some occasions will leave rubbish or bulky items in their garden as a temporary measure, however, it needs to be moved as soon as possible and stored until such time in a safe, organised and clean manner.

Redbridge Enforcement Officers patrol the Borough daily and are identifying properties with untidy gardens. Occupiers or owners will be issued with a Community Protection Notice warning letter, normally giving 7 days to comply with the requirements. If the householder does not comply, we will issue a Community Protection Notice (CPN) under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 which requires remedial action to be taken.  Failure to comply with the Notice may result in a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) being issued to the owner/occupier of the land or a prosecution being brought to the Magistrates' Court.

Untidy rear gardens

Any issues relating to untidy rear gardens are dealt with by the Planning Enforcement Team

As a resident of Redbridge you can take your waste to Chigwell Road Reuse & Recycling Centre (RRC) which is managed by Renewi on behalf of the East London Waste Authority (ELWA). Please note you will need to take proof of ID to be allowed access to the site.  Visit the East London Waste (ELWA) website which shows all locations residents of Redbridge can dispose of their additional waste 

If you cannot dispose of your additional waste using the normal waste collection service you must ensure that it is disposed of legally by yourself or by a correctly registered waste carrier.  You must ensure you keep a receipt indicating any waste that you pass to a third party for them to dispose of.

If you have bulky items to dispose of (such as furniture or certain white goods), use the Council’s free bulky waste service and get it correctly disposed of. 

Book a collection

Please note that the dumping of waste is illegal and a criminal offence. The council take all cases of fly-tipping seriously and will prosecute all offenders.

Every business in England and Wales has a legal Duty of Care to ensure waste is disposed of responsibly and in accordance with the legislation.

You must take all reasonable steps to keep all the waste that you produce safe. If you give it to someone else you must be sure they are authorised to take it and can transport, process or dispose of it safely and legally. If you break this law you can be fined an unlimited amount.

If you run a business you are legally responsible for making sure that your waste is handled and disposed of properly. Your Business rates do not include any collection or disposal of your waste. You must comply with the Governments Duty of care (click the below button) which sets out how commercial or business waste should be:

  • stored
  • transported
  • disposed of
  • recorded

Visit GOV.UK for more information on Duty of Care.

Business and trade waste is not accepted at Household/Bring Waste Recycling Sites and should not be presented with your household waste.

Storage of commercial waste

The Duty of Care makes it your responsibility to ensure that your waste is stored securely. It must be stored in secure containers that protect it from being blown away, disturbed by animals or other persons. 

Visit GOV.UK for more information on storing commercial waste

Handling and disposal of waste

Waste must be transported to and disposed of at a licensed commercial waste site. You can deliver it yourself if you hold a valid waste carriers licence issued by the Environment Agency, or have it collected by a licensed waste collection company.

If you pass your waste on to someone else it is your responsibility to check that they are authorised to take it. If you hand over your waste to an unauthorised person you commit an offence and may be liable to prosecution if your waste is disposed illegally. All companies/persons authorised to carry or accept waste are listed on the Environment Agency website – Public Registers.

Recording information

When you hand over your waste to a third party, you must complete a Waste Transfer Note, describing whether the waste is loose or contained and what it consists of. This protects the people that handle your waste and allows them to ensure that it is disposed of safely. You must keep records of these notes for at least two years as you may be required to provide them as evidence of compliance of the legislation.

Hazardous waste

If you need to dispose of hazardous waste, such as car batteries and fluorescent tubes, you need to comply with separate regulations.

Visit GOV.UK for more information on disposing of hazardous waste

I have a business and would like information on how to arrange for the collection and disposal of my commercial waste?

We provide a bag based commercial waste collection service, suitable for businesses producing small amounts of non-hazardous waste. We can also provide a wheeled bin or skip based waste collection service and recycling services for trade waste. For information and to apply for these services, view our Commercial and trade waste webpage.


See if you can help Redbridge identify fly-tipping offenders:

Visit our Wall of shame

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