Bid for a property

You can bid for a social housing property if you have been accepted on the housing register (waiting list).

You will receive a letter in the post to confirm:

  • the date you joined the housing register
  • your priority banding to confirm where you are on the waiting list
  • the type of property and number of bedrooms you can bid for
  • your bidding number (also known as your housing registration number)

There are more people on the housing register than homes available. It is highly unlikely you will be successful with bidding for a property. 

When you cannot bid on a property

You cannot bid on a property if you:

  • have not joined the housing register
  • are not eligible to bid on the property
  • are trying to bid before bidding has opened or after it has closed
  • have already bid on 2 properties within the space of 7 days
  • are waiting to view a property after being successful with a bid
  • have been asked to provide more information to reassess your case
  • have changed your household details and we are reviewing your case

View and bid for properties

Properties are advertised once a week from Friday 12am midnight to the following Monday 11.59pm on the East London Lettings Company (ELLC) Choice Homes website.

You will need to view the available properties on the ELLC Choice Homes website before you can bid, so you will need internet access.

You can get free computer access at Redbridge libraries. Find your nearest library

 Book a computer, free WiFi and computer training at a Redbridge library.

You can also use the public computers during office hours at Lynton House in Ilford.

Search and view properties (link opens the ELLC Choice Homes website in a new tab).

Before you bid 

When deciding on properties, think about:

  • the location of schools and transport links
  • if you would be happy to live in the property

You can bid for up to 2 properties between Friday 12am midnight to the following Monday 11.59pm.

To bid, you will need:

  • your bidding number – this is on your housing register confirmation letter
  • the reference number of the property you want to bid for

Bidding online

You will need to log in to the ELLC Choice Homes website to bid online.

Use the help on the Choice Homes website to help you use the website, including how to:

  • bid online
  • reset your password if you forget it 

Use the Choice Homes website help (link opens in a new tab).

To log in, enter your:

  • bidding number as ‘your login reference’ and click on ‘Continue’
  • password and memorable date

Log in and bid for a property (link opens the ELLC Choice Homes website in a new tab).

If you cannot bid online

You can bid by text message or phone if you cannot bid online:

  • text message on 07781 486 526 - this will cost the same as your standard rates for texts
  • calling the ELLC bidding line on 0845 650 4125 – this will generally cost the same as a landline call

We will contact you only if your bid is successful. 

Make sure all your contact details are up to date. 

The following happens if your bid is successful:

  1. We will call you to let you know you have been successful.
  2. We may ask for more information from you. You must provide us with the information within 48 hours.
  3. You provide us with the information we need. You could lose the property if you do not provide us with the information within 48 hours. We may offer the property to someone else. Make sure you have key documents such as proof of your address history and ID ready.
  4. We will confirm the property offer in writing and will contact you to arrange a viewing.

If you turn down the property

Your position on the housing register will be affected if you are successful with a bid and turn down the offer.

If you are living in temporary accommodation and turn down the offer, you may:

  • have to leave your temporary accommodation
  • lose your homelessness priority on the housing waiting list

How we decide successful bids

When bidding closes, we sort all bids by the priority banding and date of bidding. This is called shortlisting.

The successful bids will:

  • be in the highest priority band
  • be the earliest date if 2 or more bids are in the same priority band
  • include the community contribution award if in band 3

Find out more about how we shortlist bids in section 7 of our Housing Allocation Policy (PDF 330KB).

The community contribution award comes in when people in priority band 3 are shortlisted for a property.

The award means you may have a higher priority over someone else in band 3 who does not have the award.

You might be able to get a community contribution award if, from the date you are bidding for the property, you are any of the following:

  • in continuous paid full-time work for at least 6 months
  • a full-time personal carer to a Redbridge resident for at least 6 months
  • a foster carer approved by Redbridge Council
  • an adoptive parent for Redbridge Council

Contact the Housing Register Team if you think you meet the criteria for a community contribution award.

You must tell us if your community contribution position changes.

Find out more details about the community contribution award in section 5e of our Housing Allocation Policy (PDF 330KB).