Manage your housing register application

While you are on the housing waiting list (register), you must:

  • renew your housing register application every year
  • tell us if something changes in your household
  • tell us if your community contribution position changes
  • tell us if you change your contact details including email address

Renewing your housing register application

When it is time to renew your application, we will:

  • email you
  • tell you how to renew your application

You will have around 28 days to renew your application. 

You will be taken off the waiting list if you do not renew your application.

 Tell us if something changes in your household

You must tell us of any changes to your household.

Some changes, such as a change in medical needs, could affect your waiting list application.

You may not be eligible to stay on the waiting list if your circumstances change, such as an increase to your household income.

You must tell us if you:

  • get married or form a civil partnership
  • change your name
  • change immigration status
  • want to add someone to your household such as a child
  • want to remove someone from your household
  • want to let us know about any new medical conditions
  • lose your job or your household income changes
  • move home
  • are in priority band 3 and change your community contribution status

You will need to provide us with more information for some changes.

For example, if someone moves in with you and you want to add them to your household, you must tell us where they have lived for the past 5 years.

Tell us if you change contact details

Tell us if you change email address, phone number or address so we can contact you and to keep our records up to date.

We will email you if we need to contact you unless you have asked us to contact you by post.

We will call you if you are successful with a bid for a property and will confirm your property details in writing.

Update your household, contact or community contribution details

Tell us about any changes by logging in to your account on the Choice Homes UK website and updating your details.

Before you log in, you will need your:

  • unique reference number (your bidding number)
  • memorable date
  • password

Update your details on the Choice Homes UK website by clicking on the ‘My Social Housing’ link after you have logged in. (Link opens in a new tab).

Tell us if you think your priority banding should change

Email the Housing Register Team if:

  • your situation has changed
  • you think your priority banding should change

You should let us know:

  • what has changed
  • how this has affected your banding

Find out more about how we work out priority bandings in our Housing Allocation Policy (PDF 330KB).

We will aim to let you know if your banding changes within 28 working days of receiving your email.