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Coronavirus: service update

We are continuing to monitor complaints that we receive. We are prioritising our resources to ensure critical services are delivered.

If unfortunately you do feel the need to submit a complaint please be aware our ability to progress cases within our normal response timeframes and provide you with a response may be limited. We will endeavour to continue to communicate with you if you have a live complaint with us, however we may not be able to adhere to our normal response timeframes when responding to your complaint. We recognise the rapidly evolving situation is causing uncertainty and we appreciate your understanding at this challenging time as we endeavour to maintain services.

For information on all service changes please see our services changes page.

We want to hear what went wrong so we can put it right.  

We take your complaints very seriously and sometimes need to take time to find out what happened. You will hear from us within 10 days, as in our complaints policy (PDF 320KB), but if you would like to talk to someone sooner, it is often best to speak to the service that you had an issue with directly so they can do something about it.

If want to let us know about a missed collection, litter, fly tipping or broken street light please make a report. By making a complaint instead we will not be able to deal with your issue as quickly as we would like.

To speak to a service, please use our customer contact form


What to expect

We will come back to you with a solution or explanation about why something went wrong. We always hope we can fix what went wrong but sometimes this isn't possible and in this case we will let you know why that is. 

We then use your feedback to help improve our services for all our residents.


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