Customer voice

Tell us what we did wrong

We want to hear what went wrong so we can put it right.  

We take your complaints very seriously and sometimes need to take time to find out what happened. You will hear from us within 10 days, as in our complaints policy (PDF 297 KB), but if you would like to talk to someone sooner, it is often best to speak to the service that you had an issue with directly so they can do something about it.

If want to let us know about a missed collection, litter, fly tipping or broken street light please make a report. By making a complaint instead we will not be able to deal with your issue as quickly as we would like.

For information on how we process your data, please read our complaints privacy notice.


What to expect

We will come back to you with a solution or explanation about why something went wrong. We always hope we can fix what went wrong but sometimes this isn't possible and in this case we will let you know why that is. 

We then use your feedback to help improve our services for all our residents.


Select the correct procedure to make a complaint

Service specific complaints

Complaints not covered by the Corporate Complaints Procedure

Some complaints are not covered by the Corporate Complaints Procedure, please use the specific service procedure:

Corporate complaints

Corporate complaints include services such as Blue Badge, community safety, Council Tax, highways and parking, housing, parks, libraries, planning and schools.

Make a complaint


Members Forms

You should use the form below for complaints which involve a breach of the Code of Conduct for Members who are acting in their official capacity as Members.