Appeal against a decision

All planning appeals are processed by the Planning Inspectorate.

To comment or check the progress of an appeal please search the Planning Inspectorate’s Casework Portal.


When can you make a planning appeal?

You can submit a planning appeal if:

  • we refused your application for planning permission
  • we have given you permission but we have added conditions you do not agree with
  • we took longer than 8 weeks to make a decision, or longer than 13 weeks for major applications, without an agreed extension of time.


How to make a planning appeal

You must appeal directly to the Planning Inspectorate.

There is helpful information on the decision notice we send you about how to appeal, and the time frames to submit an appeal.

There is no fee for a planning application appeal.

Only the applicant is able to appeal against a decision. If you are a neighbour or interested party you cannot appeal the decision – the only option is to apply for a Judicial Review through the Ministry of Justice.


Alternatives to appealing

If you do not agree with our decision you can talk to the planning officer to discuss where you could make changes to make your application acceptable.

In most cases, if it is your first re-submission of a planning application, there will not be a fee.

Depending on the application type, appeals can take several weeks, sometimes months to decide so a new planning application may be faster.