Our Streets Strategy

The Our Streets Strategy has been produced in recognition of the role that the street scene plays in ensuring a good quality of life for people living and working in Redbridge. The Strategy was considered and agreed at Cabinet on 17 July 2018.

It aims to improve the look and feel of the street scene in Redbridge so that people are more likely to use streets in ways that will contribute to their health and well-being. It is recognised that whilst the council has a big role to play in this, we cannot do it alone and need to work with our partner organisations, community groups and local residents to ensure that our streets are clean, safe and attractive.

It identifies 6 priorities for Redbridge:

  • clean streets
  • safe streets
  • vibrant streets
  • healthy streetscape
  • attractive streets
  • streets for business

Read the Our Streets Strategy (PDF 1MB)

The Our Streets Strategy is also informed by the work of the Redbridge Streets Commission. Over the past six months, the independent Redbridge Streets Commission has been engaging with residents to understand what they really value about the places where they live. More on the Redbridge Streets Commission

We recognise that our streets and outdoor spaces have a part to play in delivering a range of key Council priorities such as those set out in our Health and Wellbeing Strategy, Air Quality Action Plan and Crime and Community Safety Plans. It also draws on the work of the Mayor of London’s initiative on Healthy Streets which encourages more physical activity to improve the health of Londoners and to tackle the risk of developing diabetes, dementia, depression, heart disease and cancer.


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