Fund your idea

There are plenty of ways to fund your project or idea and plenty of support available.

Redbridge Council for Voluntary Service (RedbridgeCVS)

RedbridgeCVS provides fundraising support including one-to-one advice from their Community Fundraising Officer and regular news about funders. They have helped local groups raise over £1 million. To find out more about their support services visit the RedbridgeCVS website


Alternative grant funders

Setting up a constituted group

Most funders will not provide funding to non-constituted groups. Setting up a constituted group involves writing a constitution for the group, a set of rules which explains things like how it’s structured and how people are elected to positions.

If you want to set up a bank account for the group, the bank will want to see your constitution. A model constitution for a small charity is available to download from the Charity Commission website.

To arrange an informal chat with your local Neighbourhood Officer about these funding sources contact us here.

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