Meet the team

To help create great neighbourhoods through the Our Streets strategy, we’re changing the way we do things.

Services on the ground are now joined up into neighbourhood teams covering the north, south, east and west of the borough. Each will be directed by a neighbourhood manager and made up of enforcement officers, tree officers and street cleansing staff working closely together who are also overseen by a specialist manager.

Each area will be supported by a dedicated neighbourhood engagement and education officer who will work directly with the community to help keep the streets clean and encourage local people to organise and take part in social action projects. More information about the work they carry out can be found on by exploring the different sections of the Our Streets web portal.


The Team

Team ward map

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Joanne Smallman - Neighbourhood Manager
Derek Wong - Street Cleansing Team Leader
Simon James - Senior Redbridge Enforcement Officer                                        Krisztina Vamos - Neighbourhood Engagement and Education Officer


Stephanie Orrell - Neighbourhood Manager
Michael Hillsden - Street Cleansing Team Leader
Nicholas Kaba - Senior Redbridge Enforcement Officer
Simon Stodel - Neighbourhood Engagement and Education Officer


Sarah Kaye - Neighbourhood Manager
Mark Salter - Street Cleansing Team Leader
Mohammed Munir - Senior Redbridge Enforcement Officer
Beth Mathieson - Neighbourhood Engagement and Education Officer


Brian McLoughlin - Neighbourhood Manager
Dave Tarling - Street Cleansing Team Leader
Martin Garafa - Senior Redbridge Enforcement Officer
Laki Begum and Priti Desai - Neighbourhood Engagement and Education Officers


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