Spruce up your neighbourhood

On this page you will find ideas about how you can make your neighbourhood a cleaner and more vibrant place that everybody can take pride in.

Please note that you must contact us for permission before undertaking any of the activities listed below to ensure that we can put the correct measures in place.

Adopt community garden or planter

Community gardens

Do you live near a bare or unloved bit of land? Do you have an idea about how your community can bring it to life? Why not get together with family, friends and neighbours to start planting on your street or in your local neighbourhood? Complete the community garden form below to apply to adopt a community garden. 

Community gardening in Redbridge parks

Redbridge has a huge range of parks and open spaces to work in, which means that there are plenty of opportunities within the borough to get involved with many different activities, visit the Vision website for more information about getting involved in Redbridge parks. 

Planter adoption

In 2020 central government wanted to welcome residents back to our high streets after the first wave of the COVID 19 pandemic. In Redbridge, part of this funding provided fantastic floral displays to add a splash of cheer and habitats for insects. The original funding will expire soon, and we’re asking local businesses and community groups to keep the planters and baskets across the borough blooming.

If you’ve enjoyed the colour and life these planters have brought to the high street, or are interested in contributing to the local community adopting one or more of these planters please complete the form below. 

Application to adopt a planter or community garden

1. Identify your garden and create your group
Identify the area you want to adopt as your garden, confirm your group and a lead gardener. Decide what sort of garden you would like and how it
will be used and maintained. You must agree to maintain the garden for a minimum of 12 months.
If you would like advice and ideas, visit the Royal Horticultural Society website - you can also register your community garden so locals can find you.

2. Adopt your garden
Complete our online application form. If your application is successful, your Neighbourhood Engagement and Education Officer will meet with you and ask you to sign an agreement. The Officer will provide you with instructions on how to access seed funding for your project.

3. Promote your garden
Engage with residents and businesses around you for support. You can post on local social media pages or post flyers to neighbours. Think about how you might want to promote your garden and how you can secure further funds. We can put you in touch with other gardening groups in the borough to exchange knowledge and ideas. 

4. Brief your group and start gardening 
Have a plan outlining when preparation, planting and maintenance will take place, as well as a plan for individual gardening sessions. Complete a risk assessment covering any health and safety issues. We will be able to provide a template for this. Ensure all gardeners understand the health and safety
checklist. Take lots of photos as your garden grows and blooms to track your progress.

5. Share your progress
Tell us how your garden is progressing, share and promote your success with us. We would love to share your success stories online and inspire others on the Our Streets enewsletter.

To adopt a public space for gardening, complete the community gardening application form providing details about what your plans are and how they will be delivered. You must adopt the space for a minimum of 12 months. You may be eligible for seed funding to get you started, however, we would encourage you to apply for other sources of funding

You can find useful information about community gardening on the:

To share your community gardening stories contact your local Neighbourhood Engagement and Education Officer.

Community litter picking 

Sadly, not everyone takes responsibility for their waste when out and about.

We are delighted to share with you that this year Redbridge Council are supporting a national campaign to clean up the country and tackle litter. 

Make a pledge to pick up a bag of litter – or more – as an individual, school or with a group through 'Keep Britain Tidy'

Many residents do their bit for the environment and each other by litter picking in their own time, combining it with a walk for heath or even a run!

Residents are welcome to litter pick in their area using their own equipment but we can lend equipment too.

Please ensure you state clear plans which adhere to current government guidelines when applying to borrow litter pickers.

Please let us know if you expect to collect a large amount of litter. In these cases, we will supply branded bags and can arrange collection by our crews from a nominated place.

Please ensure that you send a request at least two weeks before your litter pick so we can make the relevant arrangements.

You will receive a confirmation email from the council to confirm when you will collect or receive the equipment. This will contain information about how to dispose of the rubbish as well as important health and safety information.

Litter Picking Application


Tree planting 

Trees For Cities carry out regular tree planting events in parks and schools. To get involved in their future events visit the Trees For Cities website.

The Council and Trees for Cities have secured a three year partnership to plant more trees and greenery across the Borough. Trees for Cities have delivered many projects over the years and are due to plant 15000 in the coming months. 

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Proud to pick up - stepping up against dog fouling in Redbridge

9/10 dog owners are proud to pick up their dog's poo. However, a small minority who leave it behind cause problems for us all. We want to encourage residents to walk for pleasure or commuting, and to run for fun. No one wants to tread in dog poo whilst out and about. Not only does it make an awful mess but it can cause blindness in humans and illness to other dogs. 

We're launching a campaign calling on all owners to pick up and be proud, and we're increasing our enforcement of those who leave someone else to tidy up after them. We need your help! If you have spotted dog fouling to be cleared, report it. Where hotspots are identified via increased reports, we will increase our engagement and enforcement to work towards behaviour change.