Repairs handbook

Our commitment to you

Our aim is to ensure that you experience a professional and reliable service from the initial reporting of the repair through to completion of the work. As part of our drive to provide the best possible repairs service, residents are able to speak to a repairs centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We provide you with a choice of appointment dates and times, based on the priority of the repair. Satisfaction survey forms are sent out every repair order to provide you with the opportunity to feedback on your experience and be involved in the development of the repairs service. We also carry out regular inspections of works to ensure that the highest standards are being met.

The Repairs information is provided to you to explain our repairs service. It includes details on how to contact us to report your repairs, what repairs we are responsible for, how we will make appointments with you and timescales in which we attend to your repairs.

You will also find information about the external repairs and painting programme and the major works programme in the information below. It also highlights your responsibilities as a tenant or leaseholder and provides advice on how to maintain the condition of your home.

Redbridge Council is focused on improving its service to you and welcomes any feedback from you that enables us to do this.

See more in the housing section of our website.

Responsibility for repairs in tenanted properties

Repairs that are your responsibility should be carried out or arranged by yourself. You are also responsible for carrying out any work necessary as a result of damage by you, members of your household or any visitors.

If Red bridge Council carries out any repairs that are found not to be due to fair wear and tear, you may be charged for the work.

We will give you an estimate for the work and will send you an invoice once the work has been completed.

Handyperson Scheme

Alternatively, you could qualify for assistance through the Handyperson scheme, conditions apply. For more information please call 020 8501 7778.

In all cases, check if you can make an insurance claim against your own home contents policy.

As a council tenant, there are some repairs that you will be responsible for and some that Redbridge Council will undertake on your behalf.

The following list indicates whether a particular repair is the responsibility of Redbridge Council or the tenant.

'Yes' shows who is responsible for the repair.

Outside your home

Outside your home Redbridge Council Tenant


Chimney and chimney stacks


Roof structure and coverings


Guttering, rainwater pipes and clips


Fascia, soffit and barge boards


Window frames, external sills


Glazing where caused by criminal damage (on receipt of a Police

incident number (PIN)). A charge could be made for re glazing

without a PIN


Misty window units in normal circumstances. Only as part of a programme of works


Glazing of windows. If the property is insecure, we will only board up.

We advise you to contact a glazier immediately.


Window ironmongery


Window vents





(External) Outside doors, frames, other boards and threshold strips


Internal doors, ironmongery and threshold strips (unless affected

by rot or woodworm)


Outside door locks and ironmongery (repaired not replaced due to vandalism (unless PIN supplied)


Door entry systems




Pipes and drains

Soil and vent pipes and clips


Drains and gully surrounds


Gully grids


Drain blockage


Inspection chambers



Gardens and boundaries

Dividing fencing to gardens


Garden walls, but only to match original standard for that part of the estate


Front, side and rear gates, including ironmongery to individual properties.

*Consideration will be given as part of a programme of work

Yes* Yes

Paths, steps and other means of access, if owned by the council


Car hard standings and gates, if owned by the council


Entry to property if keys lost


Inside your home

Inside your home Redbridge Council Tenant


Internal timber, UPVC or tile window sills (unless affected by woodworm)


Window vents



Internal walls


Major plaster work, plaster air vents and cornice


Skirting boards and picture rails (unless affected by woodworm)


Minor repairs to plasterwork, such as cracks and small holes


Splash back wall tiles and grouting, to match existing tiles as closely

as possible




Concrete floor (not including floor tiles)


Vinyl floor tiles where fitted by the council (full replacement will

only be carried out to bathroom/we/kitchen if part of kitchen/

bathroom refurbishment programme)


Loose floor coverings and fitted carpets


Floorboards and joists




Major plasterworks


Minor repairs to plasterwork, such as cracks and small holes






Sweeping chimneys (Where a Council gas fire is fitted)




Staircase, banisters and handrails if removed by resident to be reinstated to a suitable standard determined by the Council at the tenant's cost





Bath panels (unless part of bath replacement or refurbishment)




Kitchen cupboard doors and drawers


Cupboard door catches, handles and hinges




Full kitchen refurbishment but only as part of the internal works programme



Electrical items

Electrical wiring, sockets and light fittings




Electric consumer unit (fuse box)


Electrical storage heaters, but only if owned by the council


Electric fires, but only if owned by the council


Electric meter and supply of electricity through your electricity supplier


Immersion heater, but only if owned by the council




Extractor fans, but only if owned by the council


Light bulb and replacement lamps and starters, with the exception of
bathroom bulk head fittings




Water service pipes, overflow pipes and water tanks


Blocked sink, bath and hand basin waste pipes


Blocked toilet. subject to proper use


Replacement taps, stop cocks and valves


Kitchen tap washers


Sink unit, subject to proper use


Wash hand basin, subject to proper use


Toilet flushing systems, subject to proper use


Toilet seats, subject to proper use


Bath or shower tray, subject to proper use


Plugs and chains


Shower, if owned by the council


Seal to bath and sink unit/tiles joint


Bleeding of radiators




Gas pipe work



Supply of gas and meter through your gas supplier




Gas fires, unless they belong to the tenant



Gas water heaters



Radiators, valves, time clocks and thermostats


Gas boiler




Disconnection and re-connection of cookers not owned by the council
via a registered Gas Safe engineer




Smoke alarms (when fitted by the council but excluding replacement
of any batteries)


Carbon monoxide alarms (only where fitted)



Home security

Extra door and window locks


Security door chains and spy holes



Home energy efficiency

Draught proofing t o windows (unless already provided as part of the window design)


Draught proofing to doors (unless already provided as part of the door design)


How quickly will we do a repair?

Our response time to any repair depends on how urgent it is. When repairs are reported, they are assessed with regard to their urgency: The table below shows our response target times to deal with your repair request. If you are unsure please call the call centre and you will be advised accordingly:

Out of hours Out of Hours emergency
repairs are normally attended
to and made safe within
2 hours
Emergency Emergency repairs normally
attended to within 2 hours
and completed within
24 hours
Urgent Work normally done within
5 working days

Work normally done within

28 calendar days


Responsibility for repairs in leasehold properties

If you are a leaseholder you are responsible for repairs and maintenance work in your property. This includes the following:

  • Any internal decorations;
  • Window glazing;
  • Plastering and other surfaces of the floor, walls and ceiling;
  • Entrance door to the property and any other external doors and frames, ie back doors;
  • Your water tank if it serves your property alone;
  • Any plumbing and electrical services that serve your property alone;
  • Any fixtures and fittings unless they are council, ie phone cables and handsets.

You should ensure that any repairs that could affect your neighbours i.e. water leaks are undertaken promptly by a qualified trade person.

If you sublet your property you need to provide your tenant with an annual Gas safety certificate (Landlord Gas Safety Record). Mears can undertake these
checks for you and can provide further information.

Mears are also able to provide quotations for any works you may wish to have undertaken in your home.


Responsibility for communal repairs

Redbridge Council is responsible for communal repairs to your block and estate. Environmental Services Caretaking staff will report communal repairs as they go about the daily duties, keeping the communal areas of your estate clean and tidy. Our staff also report communal repairs when carrying out
regular Estate Inspections.

Although we have these measures in place, there may be occasions when you notice that something may require a repair such as a damaged wall or a blocked
drain; please report these repairs to Mears - 0800 393994 or 020 8498 8000, in order that the matter may be dealt with promptly. Be sure to get a reference or order number when reporting or requesting a communal repair.

Communal Repairs cover such things, as follows:

  • The structure and external condition of the block; External areas of the estate, which includes estate walls; Boilers for shared heating and hot water;
  • Shared electricity supplies;
  • Shared areas and services, for example, staircases, lifts and shared lV aerials;
  • Gutters, rainwater and soil pipes; and / or
  • Penetrating damp which has been caused by structural problems.

The shared cost of such works will be passed on to leaseholders through annual service charges or through major work charges. If you are a leaseholder and would like further information on major work charges please contact Home Ownership on 020 8518 2400.

For any other information regarding external works please contact The Asset Management Team on 020 85 18 2400.


Introduction to Mears (was Morrison Facilities Services)

Mears are responsible for dealing with your day to day repairs and gas safety inspections and repairs. They are one of the largest
repairs contractors in the country, looking after over 300,000 properties on behalf of social landlords. They operate in several London boroughs including Redbridge, and various towns and cities throughout the country.

In Redbridge, Mears currently employ staff previously employed by the council. In order to ensure a high quality of service, each member of staff employed by them is required to complete the Passport to Work programme, which is an intensive induction process.

What you can expect from Mears:

  • A polite and helpful operator
  • Ease of repair reporting
  • Accurate repair diagnosis
  • An effective appointment system at first point of contact
  • Tenant satisfaction survey over the phone

What you can expect from the operative who attends to your repair:

  • Operative will arrive within the appointed time
  • Operative will be uniformed, carrying a 'Passport to Work' card as identification and, if you have made a request, will state a password of your choice
  • Operative will have the appropriate tools and materials
  • Operative will explain the job to be undertaken and once the work is complete, will check if it has been carried out to your satisfaction
  • Operative will be determined to get t he job right first time
  • Operative will maintain a respectful attitude to the resident, the property and the job
  • Operative will adopt a tidy work practice and leave the property in a clean state


Reporting repairs

We believe in making it simple to report repairs so we have one landline number for you to call or the freephone number (some mobile phone companies may charge you to ring 0800 telephone numbers):

  • 0800 393 994
  • or 020 8498 8000

So when you need to report a repair to your home you can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, to speak with a repairs expert who has access to a computerised system which will help them to diagnose your repair.

If required, we are able to arrange for an interpreter to assist you with reporting your repair over the telephone.

You can use our free phone in reception at Orchard Housing Office to call Mears. Staff at the office have access to interpretation services to assist you with
reporting a repair should it be required.

You can also report your repair by email to:

When emailing please include your name, address, telephone number and a brief description of the repair.

Please do not use email, to report emergency repairs, as the phone is much quicker!

Vulnerable tenants

Redbridge is committed to supporting vulnerable residents to enable sustainable, independent living. This would be the case in a number of areas to include that of repairs.

We will take into account the specific needs of vulnerable residents, recognising that some may require higher levels of support than others. We will provide a flexible service to address the needs of individuals who may be vulnerable at any time, for any period, and for any reason. Where necessary we will work with other agencies to ensure that our repair service meets the needs of all our residents.

  • Periodic reviews of our tenant intelligence systems will be undertaken to ensure that we have accurate information on our repairs system about our tenants. Vulnerability flags will be placed on the computer programme we use ('Northgate') to ensure that call centre operatives can identify any particular needs of callers at the point of contact.
  • We will provide temporary heaters and cookers to vulnerable residents in circumstances where we are unable to complete a repair on the day.
  • We will provide training for operatives on how to identify vulnerabilities and deal with tenants who may be deemed vulnerable.
  • We will also analyse repair data bi-annually to identify patterns of call outs which may indicate that there are issues with particular household that require additional support. Specific attention will be given to addresses which have recorded an excessive number of repair reports as well as those who may not have used the service for extended periods of time.

Appointments for repairs

We believe in providing a top quality, right first time approach to fixing repairs. This is why we offer an appointment for Urgent and Routine repair priorities at the first point of contact.

Mears will give you a choice of appointment dates and times (am/pm) based on the priority of the repair. An option between 10.00 am - 2.00 pm giving the option of avoiding the 'school run' is also available.

We will do our best to keep the appointment that is given to you and when we are running late, we will contact you to let you know. This is our commitment to you and we trust that you will do your part too.

Urgent Routine
Work normally done within
5 working days. am/pm appointments can be booked either 2 or 3 working
days after the day the fault is reported, e.g. a fault is reported on Monday morning. An appointment time between Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon will be offered.
Work normally done within
28 calendar days - am/pm appointments can be booked on a day that is convenient for you when the fault is reported, e.g. a fault is reported on Monday morning. An appointment time can be made when reporting the repair
for a convenient time.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs that are dealt with outside normal working hours could include full repair or in some cases making the property safe.

Emergencies could include:

1. An initial response to flood, fire or explosion to protect and ensure the safety of tenants and leaseholders.

2. Making safe any serious fault likely to cause death or injury to occupants or the public:

  • Collapsing or collapsed floor or ceiling;
  • Collapsing masonry or brick work;
  • Live wiring in an accessible place.

3. Making safe a fault which is a serious danger to health:

  • Effluent overflowing internally from blocked/
    broken toilet or soil pipe.

4. Making safe any fault likely to cause extensive damage to property:

  • Burst pipes and tanks (not weeping).

5. Making property secure after forced entry.

6. Forced entry because tenant is locked out and young child or disabled relative locked inside. You may be charged for this call out.

7. Initial response to storm damage/roof leaks.

What Mears expect from you

Delivering a customer focused service is paramount to Mears. Ways to help us include:

  • Keep appointments that you have agreed to. If you need to change the arrangement please contact Mears giving as much notice as possible and an alternative appointment will be made. We will send you a copy of the repair order, an appointment date and a scheduled completion date.
  • Try and be as descriptive as possible about the required repair, as this will help the job to be completed on the first visit and be less of an inconvenience to you.

What you can expect from Mears

  • We inspect a minimum of 10% of all completed works; inspections are undertaken by a Mears supervisor. If you feel you would like your repair inspected please contact the call centre;
  • A satisfaction survey for every repair.

If you would like further information or want to comment on the service provided by Mears, please contact  0800 39 39 94 or 020 8498 8000. You can write to the Repair Centre at Unit 5, Bourne Court, Southend Road, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 8HD.

Gas servicing

Once every year we will carry out a safety check of Council owned gas appliances in your home.

Gas safety regulations say that as your landlord we must inspect our properties once a year. If we do not inspect the property, we as your landlord would be breaking the law. Servicing your gas system ensures your health and safety. Did you know about 30 people die each year after inhaling fumes from faulty appliances? Servicing the gas equipment could prevent these deaths. Servicing will check that your appliances work correctly and are within safety limits. It also means that your gas appliances are less likely to break down. If you do not have any appliances but you do have a gas supply to your property, or just pipework with no meter, we still have to ensure the supply is safe. We must have a valid certificate for all our properties.

We will contact you in advance of when the servicing of the gas appliances needs to be done. It is very important that you give access to your home to enable Mears to carry out the gas safety check. This is to make sure that you have safe gas appliances and that Redbridge Council carries out its obligations under Gas Safety Regulations.

All our engineers are Gas Safe registered. This means that all our gas engineers belong to a professional body and have been trained to deal with all gas related issues. An engineer will come to your home and inspect all your gas appliances to check they are safe. The engineer will service all appliances that are Redbridge Council's responsibility (for example, boilers and gas fires). We will tell you if the appliance is your responsibility. An appliance you have fitted would be your responsibility to repair or replace. You should ask to see the operative's Gas Safe Registration card in addition to their ID card before allowing them access to your home.

You will be given a copy of a document called a Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR) at the inspection, these were previously, commonly referred to as CPl 2's. The LGSR will list any problems identified that need to be addressed. Mears will undertake the appropriate rectification work to appliances that are our responsibility. Redbridge Council will also receive a copy of the LGSR.

If an appliance is unsafe, the engineer will shut it down and we will arrange to fix it, if it is our responsibility. If the appliance belongs to you, we will tell you that it is your responsibility. We cannot allow you to use a faulty appliance.

We make every effort to arrange a convenient appointment with you to carry out the service. If we are unable to gain access to your home to service our gas appliances, we can force entry into your home as a last resort in order to carry out the safety check in accordance with the Conditions of Tenancy. In instances where it is necessary to force entry for this purpose we will recharge you for the costs we have incurred to gain entry.

Staff Identification and Password Scheme

All of the contractors that we send to carry out work in your home will carry identification.

Shown below is a sample of an id card carried by our main contractors. If you are in any doubt about the identity of the holder you should immediately contact Mears on 0800 39 39 94 or 020 8498 8000 who will be able to confirm if the holder is authorised to carry out the work.

We urge you to take particular care about allowing people into your home. You should always ask for identification.

Mears have a Password Scheme as an additional security measure. This scheme means that when you call to book a repair, you will be able to state a password of your choice, if you wish to do so. The operative will relay the password when he attends to your repair, enabling you to ascertain his identity before you allow him into your home. We feel this scheme is beneficial for vulnerable tenants.

Planned Works

Major works and improvement programmes

Each local authority must ensure that all tenanted properties in its ownership meet the Decent Homes Standard. This is a minimum standard set by the Government in 2002.

A property is decent if essential elements are in a suitable condition for its age. The essential elements include roofs, chimneys, windows, external doors, external walls, rewiring and heating. Also, the kitchen or bathroom must be replaced if they are over 20 and 30 years old respectively and are both in poor condition.

In order to meet their decency obligations, London Borough of Redbridge embarked upon a borough wide programme of decent homes works, assisted by substantial funding from the government which saw many homes have new kitchens, bathrooms or other works. This programme started in 2010 and was completed in 2014.

An ongoing capital programme replace major elements of our properties such as kitchens, bathrooms, electrics and heating, according to their age and condition.

London Borough of Red bridge also carries out external painting and repairs programmes. Details of these programmes can be found on our website under the repair section.

Under these programmes, we carry out external and communal area painting and associated repairs. In addition, we may replace/renovate external parts such as roofs, chimneys, rainwater goods, walls, windows and doors when we have programmes and funding to cover these works. This external work will also affect leaseholders living on our estates.

Unless it is an emergency, leaseholders and tenants are consulted before major works take place and have the opportunity to provide their input. Red bridge Council will write to you in advance of work commencing on either of these programmes and provide details of key contacts and dates so that you can make any necessary arrangements. At this time you will also have the opportunity to advise us of any special requirements you may have.

Customer care

Your Right to Repair

We operate the Government's'Right to Repair' scheme. The 'Right to Repair' is a scheme for council tenants, under which certain types of repairs are required to be completed within fixed timescales. A copy of this scheme can be found on the Redbridge Council website and it is in the tenant and leaseholder section under repairs and improvements. If you would like a hard copy please contact us on 020 85 18 2400

Aids and adaptations

Do you have difficulty accessing your home or need a little extra help getting around it?

Do you need a ramp or grab rails to assist you?

Perhaps your needs have changed and you now need a shower in stead of a bath?

If you've answered'yes' to any of these questions, we have a team who may be able to help you with aids and adaptations. Please call us for further details or to request our "Adapting Your Home Meeting Your Needs" leaflet on 020 85 18 2400

Please note that adaptations are only carried out on the recommendation of a qualified professional and if funds are available for the work.

Resident participation in repairs

Redbridge Council aims to continue the strong tradition of resident engagement, as we know repairs are a key priority for our tenants.

Our resident engagement structure encourages residents to agree and monitor our performance standards. And our performance on repairs is regularly reported to Resident groups.

Residents have reviewed and agreed the standards for our main service areas, including repairs and maintenance. We have the Asset Management Group who meet on a regular basis to review performance and comment on aspects of the repairs service which helps us to monitor the repairs service from the perspective of our customers.

If you would like to be involved in the development of our services and the review of performance monitoring, please contact our Resident Engagement Team on 0208 518 2400.

Lift servicing

Redbridge Council employ a qualified lift contractor who is a member of the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA) to carry out servicing and call out of all their passenger lifts.

The servicing is based on 12 visits per annum and involves the checking and adjusting all major components to ensure that the lifts are safe for passenger use.

The contractor is also employed to provide call-out for any breakdown 24 hours per day, 7 days per week 365 days per year.

Asbestos Information

Information regarding asbestos can be found on the Redbridge Council Website under repairs. If you do not have access to t he internet, information can be sent to you if you contact 020 85 18 2400 and ask for Asset Management.

If you are unsure or think you have asbestos in your home. Please contact Morrison on 0800 393994 or 020 8498 8000 for guidance before starting any work.

Have you insured your furniture and household contents?

In accordance with the Tenancy Agreement, The London Borough of Redbridge is not responsible for loss or damage to tenant contents and/or personal possessions. London Borough of Redbridge does not insure the contents and/ or personal possessions of your home. Should an incident such as a burst pipe occur either from wit hi n your own property or a flat above any cost of resultant damage to tenant contents will not be met by the London Borough of Redbridge. We therefore, strongly recommend that you arrange home contents insurance for this reason. This will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you are covered for fire, theft, storm, burst pipes, flood and other risks.

Further information can be obtained on an insurance scheme by visiting the housing section under Council Tenants and Tenancy services and completing online or by contacting 0845 601 7007 or requesting an application form at your local housing office.

Grounds maintenance

Redbridge Council is responsible for grounds maintenance at all housing estates and currently employs contractors to carry out the work. The Contract should ensure that grass and vegetation will remain neat and tidy throughout the year.

Grounds maintenance includes the following:

  • Grass cutting
  • The pruning of privet and other hedges, herbaceous borders, shrubs and roses.
  • Ensuring that windows, footpaths and doorways are kept clear of overhanging vegetation. Ensuring that shrub beds, rose beds and hard surfaces are majority weed free at all times.

The Grounds Maintenance Contract is monitored by Environmental Services and further detail is included in the Residents Guide to Service Standards, If you have any enquiries please contact The Environmental Services on 020 8518 2400.

Energy advice

You will find your central heating and hot water programmer in the kitchen, hall, living room or hot water tank cupboard.

Your programmer allows you to set times for your heating and hot water to switch on and switch off twice a day.

Remember, the programmer is there to let you control your heating system. If your lifestyle changes and you are in the house more often, reset the programmer so that the heating system is on for longer. If you know you are going to be out a lot, reset the programmer to switch the heating system to shorter periods. This will save you money - there is no point in heating an empty house for a long time.

The heating system takes about half an hour to warm up and half an hour to cool down so think about this when you set the programmer. If you get up at 7.30 am, set the programmer to switch on the heating and hot water at 7.00 am. Then the house should be warm and the water hot when you get up.

If you would like a guide to using your programmer, please contact the Morrison Repair Centre on 0800 393994 or 0208 498 8000. It may also be available at no cost on the internet.

If you are struggling to meet the costs of rising fuel bills speak to your supplier for further advice  or information at your earliest opportunity.


Condensation is caused when moisture in the air makes contact with a cold surface and condenses into water. It is different to dampness, which is caused when water from the outside gets into the house, e.g through windows, doors or roofs.

You can avoid the problems of condensation by reducing the amount of moisture in your home. The following are the main causes of high moisture levels and in order to prevent condensation in your home you should avoid them:

  • Drying clothes on radiators
  • Unvented driers
  • Lack of ventilation in cooking, bathing or sleeping areas.
  • Lack of air flow (eg behind furniture)
  • Lack of space heating
  • Liquid or Calor gas heaters

The effect of condensation will usually be evident through windows misting or water forming on toilet cisterns. In more extreme cases condensation is apparent on walls or ceilings, where the effects may vary from marks on walls to black mould and deterioration of plasterwork.

If you find black marks or mould growth:

  • Wash down the affected surface with a mixture of five parts water to one part bleach and dry with a cloth. Repeat the process as necessary.
  • Ensure that you resolve the cause and provide a free flow of air, e.g. through more ventilation, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

For more information please refer to our condensation advice leaflet which is available in our reception areas or call 0208 518 2400.

If the problem persists, please contact the Mears on 0800 393994 or 0208 498 8000 for further advise on how to resolve the problem.

When You Move

When you move, you may have to pay for repairs or replacement of items if such work is necessary due to negligence, misuse or damage. This may include:

  • Missing doors
  • Damage to a door resulting in either a repair or replacement
  • Re-hanging a door or replacing non-standard door handles
  • Repairing door frames
  • Replacement of stair handrail or newel posts
  • Renewal/ repair of kitchen units, drawers, worktops, etc
  • Renewal of skirting
  • Removal of 'boxing in' to pipe work, etc
  • Damage to wall/ceiling plaster
  • Removal of artex wall finish
  • Replacement of floor tiles
  • Renewal of broken sanitary ware (toilet, wash hand basin, toilet cistern)
  • Missing toilet seat
  • Removal of unauthorised pipe work ('strap on' washing machine valves, shower, etc)
  • Replacement of sink/bath plugs and toilet cistern flush handle/chain
  • Removal of electrical fittings
  • Glazing
  • Clearance of property and stores or carpet gripper, furniture, personal effects and rubbish, including from sheds and lofts
  • Unauthorised DIY works (chimney breast, wall removal, cupboards/wardrobes) where work has not been carried out to a satisfactory standard.

The above list is only a guide. For  specific  guidance or queries, please contact our customer service staff or the Empty Homes coordinator before you move on 0208 518 2400.



We always aim to provide high quality services, when and how you need them. Occasionally, we may fall short of the high standards we continually strive to achieve. If things go wrong we need to know so that we can put them right and learn from them. Your feedback is important to us.

You can contact us in the following ways:

  • Make a complaint using our online form
  • By telephone or in person at any of our reception points
  • By letter by writing to:
    Complaints Officer
    152 Broadmead Road
    Woodford Green
    IG8 OAG

Our complaints procedure has two steps. We want to make it easy for customer to complain to us if they are unhappy with our services. The Council is committed to using this information to help make improvements.

Step one

Once we have received the complaint, the Council will deal with it and respond wit hin ten working days. The Resident Liaison Manager for Mears normally deals with complaints about repairs at Step one.

If you are dissatisfied following our response to your Step one complaint, you may request a Step Two investigation.

Step two

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive at Step one you should tell us why. You should do this by writing to the Chief Officer at the address supplied in your letter.

The Chief Officer will appoint a Senior Officer to investigate and respond to the complaint. The investigating officer will not have any previous involvement in your complaint. You should receive a response within 20 working days. If it will take longer than that, we will let you know.

Designated Person

If you are not happy with the Council's response, you can contact a Designated Person. This can be a MP or London of Red bridge Councillor. They may help to resolve your complaint or refer it to the Housing Ombudsman. You cannot contact the Housing Ombudsman directly until 8 weeks has passed.

Note that feedback relates only to this page and it's content. You can also feedback about the entire site.

For complaints or compliments, please go to Complaints or Compliments

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