Highways Maintenance and Resurfacing Information

The initial long list of roads to be considered for treatment is obtained from the structural condition survey reports from the Highway Asset Management System as well as feedback and defect levels recorded from the Council’s Highways Safety Inspections. The structural condition survey reports provide the structural road condition indices, or initial average score and a borough-wide condition survey was completed in quarter two of the 2023-24 financial year. The Council takes the condition of roads and analyses them through a value engineering matrix to ascertain the priority of roads.

The 2023-24 year included an extensive programme of resurfacing and minor capital intervention works to extend the life of the carriageway. Redbridge Council has put forward further capital investment to its roads and has also received funding from the Department for Transport funding from HS2.

The levels of funding for the last five financial years and the 2024/25 financial year are as follows for reactive maintenance to fix potholes, raised paving slabs, damaged signs, bollards and responding to road traffic accidents, as well as the capital investment to resurfacing roads:

Financial Year Reactive Maintenance (£) Road Resurfacing Capital (£)
2019/20 £1.45m £2.5m
2020/21 £1.47m £6.75m
2021/22 £1.65m £2.5m
2022/23 £1.52m £1.5m
2023/24 £1.6m £2.5m
2024/25 £1.5m £3m

Funded by UK Government

In both 2023/24 and in 2024/25, The London Borough of Redbridge has been allocated £262,000 to invest in road maintenance. This follows the reallocation of HS2 funding throughout the country by the Department for Transport (DfT). 

Location Works Undertaken Area (sqm) Indicative Scheme Cost (£) Status Funded From
Castleview Gdns Road Resurfacing 3,378.42 106,432.00 Completed
Morland Rd Road Resurfacing 1,118.00 59,992.00 Completed
Yoxley App Road Resurfacing 587 17621 Completed
Hamilton Ave Road Resurfacing 5,670.00 136,201.00 Completed Redbridge Capital
Albert Rd Road Resurfacing 6,659.00 175,744.00 Completed Redbridge Capital
Ilford Hill (part) Road Resurfacing 8160 661674 Completed Redbridge Capital & Transport for London
Whitehall Rd (part) Road Resurfacing 1,472.00 57,115.36 Completed Redbridge Capital
Green Lane (part) Road Resurfacing 1,165.23 74,000.00 Completed Redbridge Capital
Clayhall Ave (part) Road Resurfacing 2,153.00 82,876.72 Completed Redbridge Capital
Manford Way (part) Road Resurfacing 3,530.99 127,126.99 Completed Redbridge Capital
Sunnyside Rd (part) Road Resurfacing 2,264.50 65,289.39 Completed Redbridge Capital
The Lowe (part) Road Resurfacing 1,663.79 60,000.00 Completed Redbridge Capital
Goodmayes Lane (part) Road Resurfacing 1,373.98 79,182.05 Completed Redbridge Capital
Cranbrook Rd (part) Road Resurfacing 1,075.00 45,124.74 Completed Redbridge Capital
Cranbrook Rd (part) Road Resurfacing 248 35,861.26 Completed Redbridge Capital
Woodford Rd (part) Road Resurfacing 230 16,521.63 Completed Redbridge Capital
Woodford Rd (part) Road Resurfacing 878 38,455.96 Completed Redbridge Capital
Broadmead Rd (part) Road Resurfacing 1,099.00 48,549.81 Completed Redbridge Capital
Broadmead Rd (part) Road Resurfacing 1,939.00 84,774.13 Completed Redbridge Capital
Broadmead Rd (part) Road Resurfacing 2,074.00 79,115.93 Completed Redbridge Capital
Dover Rd (part) Road Resurfacing 243 21,541.54 Completed Redbridge Capital
Redbridge Lane  East (part) Road Resurfacing 790 34,100.43 Completed Redbridge Capital
South Park Dr (part) Road Resurfacing 2,635.71 90,933.89 Completed Redbridge Capital
Cranbrook Rd/High St (part) Road Resurfacing 2,640.73 118,269.72 Completed Redbridge Capital
Station Rd Ilford (part) Road Resurfacing 633 27,887.64 Completed Redbridge Capital
Wellesley Rd (part) Road Resurfacing 875 40,246.01 Completed Redbridge Capital
High Street Wanstead (part) Road Resurfacing 1,367.00 70,320.69 Completed Redbridge Capital
Grove Hill (part) Road Resurfacing 1,249.00 58,681.38 Completed Redbridge Capital


Location Works Undertaken Area (sqm) Indicative Scheme Cost (£) Status Funded From
LEY STREET (part) Road Resurfacing 2,064.90 154,867.30 Deferred to 25/26 due to other works in area Redbridge Capital
MALLARDS ROAD Road Resurfacing 1,390.97 104,322.60 Deferred indefinitely due to Broadmead Bridge. Redbridge Capital
HIGH STREET (Barkingside) Road Resurfacing 7,196.05 539,703.60 Programme August/September 2024 Redbridge Capital
CRANBROOK ROAD (part) Road Resurfacing 9,920.10 744,007.85 Programme August/September 2024 Redbridge Capital
RODING LANE NORTH (part) Road Resurfacing 4,961.23 372,092.17 Programme August/September 2024 Redbridge Capital
RODING LANE NORTH (part) Road Resurfacing 4,452.37 333,927.99 Programme August/September 2024 Redbridge Capital
FOREST ROAD Road Resurfacing 1,081.73 81,129.60 2024/25 To Be Confirmed
BURTON ROAD Road Resurfacing 386.78 29,008.80 2024/25 To Be Confirmed
GRANVILLE ROAD Road Resurfacing 1,368.94 102,670.20 2024/25 To Be Confirmed


& Redbridge Capital

LODGE HILL Road Resurfacing 875.16 65,637.00 Completed June 2024



Injection Patcher

Redbridge Council piloted a Jet Injection Patcher over the summer period of 12 weeks that resulted in the additional repair of 2,202 potholes which proved to be cost effective and reduced carbon output due to having to excavate and dispose of any material. The Council will be using the jet patcher again in the 2024-25 financial year using additional revenue funding provided by the Council.

Warm Mix Asphalt

Redbridge is also using warm mix asphalt as per its standard resurfacing material which reduces the Council's carbon emissions as part of its road maintenance programme to comply with its wider goals on carbon reduction and net zero.

AI Surveys

Redbridge are also working with various organisations that are looking to use AI on the road network to detect potholes and report them through to the maintenance teams to ensure potholes can be picked up and repaired at a faster rate. Redbridge have also commissioned Vaisala Road AI system to conduct annual condition surveys of the roads which feeds into the priority matrix of road resurfacing. This ensures that the Council is spending and investing in its road network appropriately and at the right time.

Low Carbon Resurfacing Materials

Redbridge is the first borough in London to trial a unique, new asphalt mix that can significantly reduce the carbon footprint in road resurfacing works. The trailblazing project led by Redbridge Council, in partnership with Kensons Highways, utilised the revolutionary asphalt for road resurfacing works at Lodge Hill, in Ilford. The asphalt mix, supplied by Tarmac, significantly lowered the carbon footprint from the road resurfacing process by incorporating a carbon negative product into the mix, called ACLA®. Results showed that using ACLA®, Tarmac’s asphalt had reduced the project’s carbon footprint by 68%, which is equivalent to an average UK car driving 17,400 miles, or a round trip to Los Angeles for two people.

Read more about this here.

Protecting Resurfaced Roads

The London Borough of Redbridge will issue Section 58 notices under the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) 1991. The notice prevents any statutory undertakers from digging up the carriageway for a minimum of two years to protect the resurfacing the Council has completed. However, statutory undertakers such as utilities can still excavate in the need of an emergency, but they must satisfy the conditions of the Council when doing so.

Redbridge also has regular meetings with all utility companies and its own teams to ensure that roadworks are coordinated in an effective manner under the Traffic Management Act, New Roads and Street Works Act as well as the London Permit Scheme. Where possible, Redbridge urges collaboration between works to reduce disruption on the road network.


The London Borough of Redbridge will publish annual data of pothole repairs. The borough will publish the data annually as part of its annual inspection and highway maintenance review process. The below does not include any resurfacing that the borough undertakes.

The 2023-24 data is under final review whilst the services confirms the final figures from March 2024.

Financial Year

£ Spent on Pothole Repairs

No. Potholes Repaired




18,891 (+2,207)

The London Borough of Redbridge introduced the Injection Patcher as a trial over and above its inspection and general pothole repair programme which repaired an additional 2,207 potholes between July and October 2023, taking the total to 21,098 potholes repaired.


























Redbridge manages and maintains the highway assets falling within our 532 km of highway network. With responsibility to ensure the highway assets are fit for purpose and able to fulfil their function in an efficient and sustainable manner.

As the Highway Authority, Redbridge owns, and is responsible for, the repair and maintenance of all assets that form part of the public highway. The safety of the highway network is the Council’s responsibility, which means that Redbridge has a duty to inspect and repair roads, footways and highway structures, and ensure that streets are safe and clean, and lighting and drainage systems work effectively.