Roadworks and closures

This year’s Christmas works embargo will commence from 18 December 2023 and end on 3 January 2024 inclusive.

No works will be permitted to be undertaken during this period except immediate/emergency/urgent works under Section 54 of the New Roads & Street Works Act (NRSWA) 1991.

Works estimated or scheduled to be in progress beyond 18 December 2023 must be made safe and site cleared on or by 15 December 2023 to recommence on 4 January 2024.

Highway Licenses issued under the Highway Act 1980 shall be on hold during this period except for any emergency scaffolds/hoardings that are required.

The duration of all roadworks cannot be guaranteed due to external influences such as outside agencies, weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Forward Plan - Carriageways

The Forward Plan identifies the roads to be prioritised for resurfacing over the short-term and has been derived from the Highways Asset Management Strategy and Co.


Following safety concerns raised about the carriageway and general areas of Hainault Street Bus Stand by the Bus Operators,  TFL Projects team are planning the carry out repairs to the bus deck in Hainault Street. The scope of the works will be:

  • Lifting of carriageway blocks
  • Repair, replace and unblock gullies and drainage
  • Repair subbase of the carriageway
  • Replaying of the carriageway blockwork
  • Repair / replace of damaged Armco barriers
  • Relining of bus bays in stand area(to include Driver safe walking areas)
  • Relining of Entry and Exit points to stand area

The works are scoped out to take 7-10 days to complete and at present has a start date of Monday 30 October 2023 from 08:00am

For the works to be completed the Hainault Street Stand will have to close fully and buses displaced to other areas.   I have looked back as far as 2011 and also spoken to previous Managers and we are not aware of the last time the stand was fully closed.

I have sat down with the Bus operators and have come up with a plan which will hopefully keep the service disruption to a minimum and service to and from Ilford.

I have tried to utilise the other stand areas buses have in an around Ilford  but have come up short.

Therefore, the plan for the buses during the works will be as follows:

Route 25 & 147 -   Buses will terminate at stop S on the High Road / Hainault Street as normal , will then use Griggs Approach to turn around and stand at stop Q outside the Cinema / Library on Clements Road (Stop Q will be closed and passengers directed to Previous and next stops on the High Road.

Route 123  - Route 123 will terminate at Gants Hill and will stand on the stands in Perth Road.    Passengers requiring the 123 to Wood Green will be directed to take the 179 or 462 to Woodford Avenue where they can change to the 123 (this will come under the hoppa fare)

Routes 179 & 364 will terminate and stand on stop R on Clements Road.  Stop R will be closed and a temporary stop will be sited by the Kenneth Moore Theatre for the through routes.

Route 425 will terminate and start from Ilford Roden Street Stand. (Passengers requiring the 425 will be able to use the 25, 86, 147 or W19’s to Romford Road and change over there.

Roue 462 will continue to stand on the single stand outside Hainaut Street Bus Stand

Route 167 will stand in the carriageway between Griggs Approach and Hainault Street (currently used by buses when the stand is full)

Route W19 will terminate at stops S then out of service will run and stand at stop Z on Winston Way until its departure time and will the come back into Ilford (Stop Z is big enough to remain open for the through routes to continue to use)

Also consideration has been taken with regards the through Routes,  if due to delays or driving hours the routes need to be terminated short. If this becomes the case then the routes will use the single stand area in Connaught Road Ilford as a turning point

The plan for informing passengers will be publicity in stops and I will also make  enquires with TFL if a message can be sent out via emails to the Oyster card holders.


Kensons have  planned highway maintenance  works at A118 Ilford Hill - A406 TO Chapel Road

The closure started on Monday 27 November 2023 and ends on Monday 18 December 2023.


Due to a new water connection works at, 177-179 Manford Way, Thames Water have proposed to close, the slip road, on Manford Way between, Fernie Close and Fallow Close, Chigwell.

The works are due to commence on Monday 11 December 2023 and ends on Friday 15  December 2023.


Due to an emergency repair to a leaking gas, TMO Highways working for Cadent Gas Ltd have closed, Roding Lane North, 40m South of Vicarage Road, Southbound for 180m, Woodford Green.

The closure started today, Tuesday 5 December 2023 and ends on Friday 8 December 2023


Essex & Suffolk Water have closed, Hall Road at its junction with Chadwell Heath Lane, Romford, due to an emergency water leak repairs on the footway and Carriageway.

The closure started today, Monday 4  December 2023 and ends on Friday 8  December 2023 .


Thames Water have proposed to commence Mains Renewal Works on the entire length of Dover Road. The works commence Monday 27 November 2023 and are expected to be completed on or by Monday 29 January 2024.


Cadent have proposed to commence Mains Replacement Works at the side of 47- 49 Torrington Road. The works commence Monday 27 November 2023 and are expected to be completed on or by Friday 15 December 2023.


Thames Water have commenced Mains Renewal Works on the entire length of Stradbroke Grove. The works commenced Friday 17 November 2023 and are expected to be completed on or by Thursday 15  February 2024.


Cadent have proposed to commence Mains Replacement Works on South Park Road outside 14 to 128. The works commence Monday 13 November 2023 and are expected to be completed on or by Friday 15 December 2023.

Thames Water have proposed to commence Mains Renewal Works on the entire length of Glenwood Gardens. The works commence on Monday 13 November 2023 and are expected to be completed on or by Friday 15 December 2023.


Cadent have commenced Mains Replacement Works on the entire length of Cleveland Road. The works commenced Monday 18 September 2023 and have been extended from Friday 17 November 2023 to Sunday 10 December 2023.


Thames Water have proposed to close West Grove from the junction of Oxford Road to the junction of Snakes Lane East, Woodford Green due to a lead pipe replacement works. Access to residents will be maintained at all times.

 The closure will be carried out in three sections as follows:

  •  closure 1: from Oxford Road to Bowland Road
  • closure 2: from Bowland Road to Globe Road
  • closure 3: from Globe Road to Snake Lane East

The works will commence on Monday 9 October 2023 and are expected to be completed on Tuesday 5 December 2023.

Whilst the prohibition remains in force, displaced vehicles are advised to follow localised diversion route.


Broadmead Road was closed to traffic in July due to significant structural defects reported following an inspection of the bridge. As soon as the defects were discovered, the road was closed immediately to prevent potential loss of life or serious injury.

Following the closure, we have commissioned more detailed surveys to establish the extent of the structural issues and the next steps available to reopen the road. 

Unfortunately, the size and location of the structure over the Central Line track means multiple detailed technical surveys are required to establish both the condition of the bridge and potential resolutions; these surveys must be conducted with the support of Transport for London (TfL). 

The location of the bridge also means the time period engineers can conduct essential survey work consists of approximately 1.5 hours per night when the train track is not in use. We are working closely with TfL to speed up this survey work where possible.

We are working closely with Transport for London (TfL) to speed up this survey work where possible. To reopen Broadmead Road will require extensive construction work and is expected to take a significant amount of time. At this stage, we are continuing survey work to establish what works are necessary to ensure the bridge section of the road is safe. 

To date, we have undertaken the following actions to determine the condition of the bridge section of Broadmead Road:

  • An initial inspection of the bridge which found significant structural defects that warranted an immediate closure to prevent potential injury and loss of life.
  • A hammer tap survey which confirmed significant structural issues.
  • Further hammer tap surveys have been organised for other parts of the bridge.
  • A principal inspection is being organised. Following this survey, an options report will be shared with the Highways Team outlining what work needs to be completed to make the bridge safe. 
  • A Section 41 notice has been issued and posted at sites under the bridge, warning people parking or otherwise using space under the bridge to vacate the area, which will then be fenced off to keep the site secure. This is for safety reasons, as the area is at risk of falling debris, and to allow further inspections and any works to take place. 
  • Safety inspections have been undertaken at all other similar structures across Redbridge to determine if they are at risk. 

To alleviate traffic disruption, we will:

  • Continue to monitor traffic on Broadmead Road and request TfL continually review the traffic signals before the bridge section of the road. 
  • Install additional signs around Broadmead Road to update users. 
  • Review pausing the progress of any major roadworks along main roads in the area under council control to prevent further traffic disruption. Works on the A406 fall outside of the council’s control. 
  • Continue to support TfL in diverting buses around the road closure.
  • Continue to support Essex County Council to alleviate traffic around the Station Way bridge near Roding Valley Station, which falls under their jurisdiction.


Chigwell Road reuse and recycling centre is reopening for essential use. 

Roads around the area are expected to experience heavier traffic than usual due to potential queues to access the tip.

Roads that will likely be affected:

  • Chigwell Road
  • Maybank Road
  • St Barnabas Road
  • Latchet Road
  • Broadmead Road
  • Waverley Road

There will be no right turn for northbound traffic from Charlie Browns Roundabout.