Adopted and private roads

There are two types of roads in Redbridge:

Our street register is a complete list of all known roads in the Borough, whether the road is adopted, council maintained, private or has a Section 38 Agreement.

Road network

Responsibility for managing Redbridge’s road network is shared between Transport for London (TfL), the Highways Agency, and Redbridge Council.

TfL manage the Transport for London Road Network (the TLRN or London’s ‘red routes’) and are also responsible for the maintenance, management and operation of all traffic signals within Redbridge including:

  • A12 (Eastern Avenue)
  • A1400 (Woodford Avenue/Southend Road)
  • A406 (Barking Relief Road)

Highways England manages the national motorway network including:

  • M11 Motorway

Redbridge Council is the Highway Authority responsible for all the remaining public highways within the Borough boundary.

Public roads

Public or adopted roads maintained by us may include roads and footpaths that generally form part of a Council Housing Estate: these are the responsibility of the housing service. If you have any queries regarding a council housing estate maintained road, you should contact The Housing Advice Centre.

Private roads (non-adopted roads)

Non-adopted roads are privately maintained. We are not responsible for the maintenance of these roads and the streetlights, footways, drop crossings, drainage, signage or anything else related to the highway. You will need to contact the developer or estate manager of the site or you can contact the Land Registry to find out who owns the land.

Section 38 Agreements

Section 38 agreements are agreements between the private developer and Redbridge Council to adopt a road under Section 38 of the Highways Act 1980.

Developers proposals to adopt areas must meet our approved standards. Ownership and maintenance of roads under Section 38 agreements, including street lighting, highway drainage and street sweeping, remain the developer's responsibility until they are fully adopted by us.

Obtaining a copy of a Section 38 Agreement

If you require a copy of a Section 38 Agreement or you would like further information, please contact us at

There is a charge for providing copies of Section 38 Agreements.

Contact Us

You will need to contact us if you want to know whether any part of a road, pavement, pathway or grassed area is adopted and maintained by us or privately owned.

You will need to put your request in writing enclosing a plan clearly showing the exact location of your query. There is a charge for providing this information to cover our inspection and administration costs. We will reply to your enquiry within 10 working days enclosing a coloured plan showing the extent of adoption.

If you require further information, please contact us at

Public rights of way (PRoW)

Find out more about Public Rights of Way.

Report a problem

Roads should be kept safe and free of obstructions. You can report online any issues so that we can investigate them.

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