Cut out single use plastic

We rely on plastic every day, and it’s fantastic!

Plastic is a valuable material in vehicles, IT, hospitals and more. But it is also used for items we use just once before throwing away.

In Redbridge, we collect plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays for recycling

Swapping single use plastic items for reusables tackles the plastic problem and can provide us with longer lasting alternatives that can save money and often perform better.

Remembering reusable bags when we shop, taking our own insulated mug for a coffee on the go and asking for our own water bottles to be refilled are a good place to start.

For next steps, consider making one of these swaps:

Personal care swaps



  • Swap disposable cleaning cloths for washable alternatives
  • Explore refill shops and services for cleaning products or buy oversized to refill as you go
  • Swap laundry liquid for powder in a box
  • Flannel your floor rather than ditching a disposable wipe



  • Swap overpackaged minis for larger treats that can be divided
  • Swap plastic bunting for your own made from last year’s cards
  • Swap plastic filled party bags for paper bags of sweets, books or plants
  • Swap glittery plastic-coated wrap for a recyclable choice


Eating and drinking

  • Swap takeaways for fakeaways and cut your packaging waste
  • Swap yoghurt pots for a new skill and try making your own
  • Swap overpackaged fruit and veg for a veg box delivery scheme or buy loose
  • Swap individually wrapped treats for a bulk pack you can portion