Recycling collection

Recycling boxes

Since January 2024, there is a charge of £7 for recycling boxes and this includes delivery. If your box is lost or damaged by our crews, and evidence can be shown, then a replacement box may be given free of charge.

Deliveries can take up to 10 days.

If you are a new resident to the borough (within 3 months), you are entitled to 2 free boxes. Please email with photographic evidence proving you are a new resident to the borough and we will do the rest.

As an alternative, you can present your recycling in a cardboard box or clear sack. This is short term only.



Order a new Recycle Box

Check your collection day

We offer kerbside recycling collection on the same day as your normal bin collection. 


Check your day of collection


Report missed recycling




  • Cardboard packaging and boxes (flattened or cut up to fit inside your recycling box, or left in a neat, manageable bundle - maximum 2ftx3ft) also include boxes for pizza, cereal, eggs etc.

Recycling for communal properties

If you live in an area that shares bins (communal), then please visit the Recycling for Communal Properties page.


Disposing of laughing gas canisters

Please take them to Chigwell Road Recycling Centre where they can be placed in the gas canister cage (site staff will advise).


I live in a flat above a shop - how do I recycle?

We are unable to provide facilities for flats above shops due to collection access issues. If you live in a property above a shop we are happy to provide you with a reusable bag.

Click here to find your nearest public recycling site on a map


Presenting your recycling

Place your recycling black recycling boxes that we provide (or blue boxes if you still have them).  Boxes should be left just within the boundary of your property by 6am on the day of collection.

Cardboard must be flattened and presented inside your existing recycling box.  It may be necessary to cut larger items up to ensure they fit in the box.  

Your recycling can also be presented in clear sacks or cardboard boxes (not black sacks) .


What goes in your recycling boxes?

Please ensure your recycling is completely free from food, rinsed and squashed to save space in your box. 

Box 1:

  • Food tins, drinks cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic bottles
  • Clean plastic pots, tubs and trays (rinsed, no food, no black plastic)
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Clean aluminium foil, including foil trays (rinsed, no food, scrunch small pieces)

Box 2:

  • Paper
  • Envelopes (including windows)
  • Thin card
  • Thick card (ensure this is folded or cut to fit inside your recycling box)
  • Larger cardboard will only be taken if presented neatly and flat, next to your recycling box.


Please see table below for a full list of what you can and can't recycle in Redbridge. Want to know more about our service? Find out the technical details of waste and recycling in the borough, including what happens to your refuse with our in depth guide.

What I can recycle in Redbridge