Real nappies

What are real nappies?

Modern washable nappies, also known as 'real nappies', are a brilliant alternative to disposable nappies with many benefits for parents, babies and our planet. 

Redbridge Council is currently offering a real nappy trial pack, worth over £35, for just £5 to residents with children under 18 months (limit of one pack per child).
Why use real nappies?


Cloth nappies will save you up to £500 on a first baby and if used for another child, even more.


Disposable nappies are made from crude oil, plastics and chemicals whose long term use has not been tested. Real nappies are made from natural or synthetic materials neither containing active chemicals.


They are better for the environment. More than 58,800 disposable nappies are sent to landfill in Redbridge every day! Each one takes up to 500 years to break down and this amounts to thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money and tonnes of carbon emissions in production, purchase and disposal.

Our trial pack

We are offering a real nappy trial pack, worth over £35, for just £5 to residents with children under the age of 18 months (limit of one pack per child).

There are 2 packs to choose from depending on weight and stage of the child, containing all you need to try the nappies we've selected for performance and value for money

Pack 1 for newborn


This pack is suitable for newborn babies up to 16lbs.

Pack 2 for birth to potty


Colours in the trial pack may vary.

Try our trial pack

When you apply for a trial pack, you'll receive a voucher code from us which you can redeem for a £5 pack (worth over £35) either in person at Sid and Evie's (children's shoes, clothes and mother-to-be essentials shop in South Woodford). Or over the phone with our Customer Contact Centre on 0208 554 5000.

To apply for the pack please email with the following information and attachments:

1. Photo proof that you are a Redbridge resident (council tax bill, utility bill or driving license)

2. Photo proof that you are pregnant or have a baby under 18 months old (MATB1 form, birth certificate)

3. Full name and address of parent applying

If you cannot send these documents online, please post photocopies (do not send originals) to Nappy Offer: The WREN, Ley Street, Depot, Ilford, IG2 7QZ.

Please note our turnaround for processing applications is 10 working days. 

Privacy Notice

If you apply for a Real Nappy Trial Pack voucher we will securely hold your name, address, and email address for 7 years to comply with financial auditing purposes.

From time to time we'd like to inform you about cloth nappy events, meet ups or offer ongoing advice and support as your baby grows. We will not share your information with anyone else. We will send you a form to 'opt in' to this service.

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