Get ready for temporary accommodation

Before you move into your temporary accommodation you should plan for:

  • storing any belongings and furniture that you cannot take with you
  • how you will travel to and from your temporary accommodation
  • whether you need to change your children’s schools
  • whether you need to change your dentist or doctor
  • telling companies such as your bank and mobile phone provider your new address
  • someone to look after your pets

You should do this as soon as you are told where you will be moving to.

Your Housing Officer will be available to support you while you get ready.

Get storage for your belongings and furniture

Your temporary accommodation will have limited space. This is especially true if you are sharing a kitchen and bathroom.

Usually, you cannot take all your belongings into temporary accommodation. You will be told how much space you will have.

You might be in temporary accommodation for a long time.

We may advise you on how you can arrange storage.

You will have to pay for your own storage.

Get your pets looked after by others

You will not be allowed to bring your pets into temporary accommodation unless you have a guide dog.

Check with friends and family if they can look after your pets.

Contact animal charities for more support and advice. For example, the Dogs Trust Hope Project can give advice if you have a dog and are homeless.