Check the rules in temporary accommodation

You should check the rules you have to follow before you move into temporary accommodation. The rules will be in your licence agreement.

Find out more about licence agreements on the Shelter website.

Follow the rules when you are in temporary accommodation

Your rules might be different depending on the type of temporary accommodation we provide.

These might include:

  • rules about visitors
  • how you should behave
  • how much rent you need to pay

Being asked to leave your temporary accommodation

You can be asked to leave your temporary accommodation for reasons including:

  • anti-social behaviour
  • violence towards other people living in the temporary accommodation
  • not looking after the property
  • not paying your rent or service charges
  • paying your rent late on a regular basis
  • living somewhere else and not using the accommodation provided

We can also ask you to leave if you refuse an offer from the Council of a more permanent accommodation. This includes if you are successful with a bid for social housing and you turn down the offer.

If we ask you to leave your temporary accommodation:

  • we may not have a duty to house you
  • your homelessness application could be affected
  • under the Children’s Act, you may be eligible to get help from Redbridge Children’s Services if you have dependent children