How to complete the housing waiting list form

The housing register (waiting list) online application form should take 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

It will take longer if you have:

  • lots of people in your household
  • lived at many addresses in the past 5 years

Before you apply

Make sure you have the following before you apply:

  • pen and paper to write down your reference number and memorable date
  • National Insurance number for all household members aged 16 or over
  • email address
  • names and dates of birth for everyone in your household
  • list of everywhere you have lived for the last five years, including post code and landlord contact details
  • details of any properties in the UK or abroad that you own or have owned
  • information about earnings and benefits for you and everyone in your household
  • details of any medical conditions affecting you or anyone in your household
  • carer details
  • name and contact details of anyone helping you complete the form

Notes to help you with the online application form

  • Click on the 'Online Application' link to start your application.
  • You must provide information that is truthful and accurate.
  • You will have to sign a declaration to confirm you will answer the questions truthfully and not withhold any information.
  • You can save each page as you go along.
  • If you run out of time, you can save and come back to complete the form at a later time.
  • You must complete any fields and answer any questions marked with an asterisk*
  • Click on 'next section' if any questions do not apply to you.
  • You will need to create the housing register account first by adding your personal and household member details.

Section notes

These notes refer to the different sections of the online form.

National Insurance number check

You will need to give us your National Insurance number and the National Insurance number of a joint applicant, if there is one.

New household registration

You will need to enter:

  • a memorable date
  • password

Make a note of the memorable date and password that you choose. You will need these to log back in. 

Click 'create login' when you have completed your personal and household details.

Make a note of your reference number.

Household Members

You must include details of everyone who lives with you.

  • Click on the 'Add household member' box to add each member of your household
  • Add their date of birth
  • Add the date they started to live with you at your current home
  • Include their National Insurance number if they have one.
  • Tell us if any members of your household are subject to immigration control 

Eligibility Test

This section is about your immigration status.

If you are a European National, you must give as much information as you can about your job and children's schools.

Qualification Test

This section is about whether you qualify to join the waiting list

Housing Need Test

Most households will need a housing need to join the housing register. This is also called 'reasonable preference.'

You will not need to have a housing need if you are applying only for sheltered accommodation.

Current Housing Position

If you are renting, you will need to provide: 

  • Information about your landlord or agent, including their current contact telephone number
  • the type of tenancy
  • how much rent you pay
  • whether you receive Housing Benefit or the housing part of Universal Credit

You must tell us about any property you or a household member own, in the UK or abroad.

Carer Details

Tell us in this section if you or anyone in your household has a carer.

Financial Details

You need to give information about your income and the income of all household members.

This includes welfare benefits and anything earned.

You should provide as much detail as possible in this section.

Past Owned Properties

Tell us about any property you or any household members have previously owned, either in the UK or abroad.

Past Addresses

 You must tell us everywhere you and your partner have lived in the last five years.

You also need to tell us where other adults in your household have lived.

Areas of Preference

You can tell us where in Redbridge you would most like to live.

We may match you directly to a home if you want sheltered housing or have a high level of housing need.

Community Contribution

If applicable, let us know about any contributions you make to the Redbridge community. Relevant examples include being a Redbridge approved foster carer or adoptive parent.

Other Relevant Information

Fill out this section if you have been experiencing domestic violence.

Additional Information

  • Provide name and contact details of anyone who has helped you to complete this form
  • Provide any further information you think the Housing Service needs to know

You have now reached the end of the form. Submit your application if you believe your information is correct.

You will get a a summary of your housing waiting list application by email after you submit your application. Keep this for your records.