Unlawful Encampment Injunction

On 23 November 2018, the High Court heard the Council’s claim for a final injunction to prevent unauthorised encampments across 240 sites in Redbridge. The Court was satisfied that the Council had made out its case and that it was appropriate in all of the circumstances for a final injunction to be granted. A copy of the final order can be found on this page. It will last for three years, after which the Council can apply to extend the order further if necessary. Details of the order, those individuals affected and the land it applies to are available below.


Court documentation, orders and evidence

Exhibit Bundle (PDF 82.36MB)

Witness Statement Index (PDF 131KB)

Witness Statement 1 of 4 (PDF 3.25MB)

Witness Statement 2 of 4 (PDF 2.05MB)

Witness Statement 3 of 4 (PDF 2.25MB)

Witness Statement 4 of 4 (PDF 2MB)

Notice to Persons Unknown (PDF 244KB)

Schedule 1 - List of Defendants (PDF 383KB)

Schedule 2 - List of Sites (PDF 443KB)

Schedule 3 – Map of Sites (PDF 3.2MB)

Injunction Map (PDF 2.47MB)

Final Order (PDF 1.1MB)


Negotiated Stopping Policy

Negotiated Stopping Policy (PDF 1.40MB)