Redbridge has one of the most advanced Council CCTV systems in the country, helping to keep residents and visitors safe.

CCTV working in Redbridge

Our CCTV control room links up more than 700 cameras across Redbridge and over the past 3 years has assisted or led to more than 3,200 arrests.

  • our control room is staffed 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • CCTV staff work directly with the Police and our enforcement teams
  • high-quality footage allows us to identify and help arrest those who commit crime
  • we monitor Town Centre live security radios, as well as the Police, met radio so we can respond to Police and requests from businesses for assistance
  • we use CCTV to assist investigations into anti-social behaviour and crime such as fly-tipping, graffiti and fly posting 

Where is Redbridge's CCTV?

Our CCTV control room is based at Ley Street Depot. We have extensive camera coverage in:

  • the borough’s town centres
  • car parks and libraries 
  • Hainault Business Park 
  • the borough’s housing estates (The Orchard Estate, Tiptree, Buckthorne House, Larchwood House and Fernways)

We also connect into the CCTV systems at Ilford Station and TfL cameras across the borough.

We can send our live images to Ilford Police Station and Police Central Command in Bow.

Redbridge's CCTV Camera Location  

CCTV  camera location can be viewed from Google Maps platform through the links below, more locations to be added soon.

CCTV Camera locations

Mobile CCTV

We have a number of CCTV cameras that can be relocated and are used across the borough to target fly-tipping and ASB.

RD Camera Locations

ANPR Cameras

We have installed new ANPR cameras across the borough in partnership with the Metropolitan Police to apprehend offenders and tackle crime in the borough.

ANPR Display Boards

We are the first London borough to have invested in new ANPR technology that works with display boards to show vehicle index numbers as drivers pass by; we are working hard to target known offenders driving into and around the borough.

Wall of Shame

We use our cameras to tackle offenders fly-tipping on the streets of Redbridge. Can you help us identify fly-tipping offenders?

Wall of Shame



Our CCTV cameras are carefully positioned to respect people's privacy, and they don't overlook any areas where you would expect privacy.  

For more information you can read of CCTV Code Of Practice


Read our CCTV privacy notice


This privacy notice does not cover enforcement of moving traffic contraventions by camera. This is managed by parking services.  


Obtaining camera images to assist with civil claims

We can provide recordings from our CCTV cameras for civil claims between individuals or companies. The most common requests are due to traffic collisions.

If you need to request video images, the request should come from your insurance company or solicitor to provide assurance that the images are being used for lawful purposes. We have a legal duty to ensure images are not disclosed unlawfully under the UK General Data Protection Regulations,  Data Protection Act 2018,  and the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.  

Requests should be made to giving the following:

  • solicitor's / insurer's name and address, sent from a company email account
  • the name of the client
  • time, date and place of the incident
  • vehicle details (vehicle registration mark [VRM], make, model, colour) of all vehicles involved
  • description of the incident

We'll respond telling applicants if there are cameras that may have caught the incident. This service is free. 

We can also advise you if there are any cameras in the area, but we will not release any footage to them. We will only release the footage to their insurance company or solicitor. 

If there's footage

We'll invite your solicitor or insurer to send a cheque made payable to London Borough of Redbridge for £96.00 to:

CCTV Civil Requests
London Borough of Redbridge
1st Floor
Ley Street Depot
531 Ley Street,

We can then produce the footage and send it to them. 

Why we charge

The public surveillance camera system is installed to deal with crime, anti-social behaviour and disorder and our staff searching for the images for you would normally be searching for criminal activity. This is an admin fee for the search and production of footage.

Subject access requests

If you've made a subject access request application under the Data Protection Act 2018, please be aware it's unlikely to succeed. The chances of the Council recording any personal data in our images is extremely low, as our cameras are zoomed out to record a wide angle overview of roads. Any request is free, but please bear in mind that the delay in dealing with the request may mean any video images are overwritten before they can be produced as evidence for applicants.



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