Events safety advice and guidance

Safety Advisory Group

The Redbridge Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is a multi agency group made up of senior officers from all the Emergency Services (Metropolitan Police, London Fire Brigade and the London Ambulance Service) as well as the Council and other relevant organisations. The SAG, chaired by the Council meet regularly to consider forthcoming events and to give advice to organisers for the following:

  • Outdoor temporary events that require a Premises Licence under the Licensing Act 2003
  • Indoor temporary events that require a Premises Licence under the Licensing Act 2003 where temporary infrastructure such as staging, lighting rigs, barriers and PA systems will have to be brought in specifically for the event
  • Events taking place on land owned and managed by Vision Trust or public roads in Redbridge for which the Council or Transport for London is the Highway Authority
  • Any other temporary event (including events that do not fall to be licensed under the Licensing Act 2003) which the Chair in consultation with other members of the SAG believes the SAG should consider.


Meetings are scheduled as required to discuss applications received and applicants will be notified of these. 


Planning your event with safety in mind

If you're planning to hold an event in Redbridge which involves a large gathering of people  you will need to think about the safety of your event for everyone involved.  To help you think about what you need to do please read our Safety Advisory Group Guidance Safety Advisory Group Guidance (PDF 441KB) to find out what you need to do for the type of event you are holding.

Please check here for the latest government guidelines on running events in outdoor spaces and for outside gatherings

Event information is required to be sent to for example the Event Management Plan and the Risk Assessment (Further information can be found in Section 3 of the Safety Advisory Guidance document). This is so the SAG can effectively provide guidance and safety information for your event.

Helpful information to help you plan your event:

Contact the Safety Advisory Group for more information.