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Ilford Market Improvements and Ilford Town Centre Regeneration

The current market operation is due to cease on 30 June 2019.

You are by now aware that as a part of the wider regeneration of Ilford town centre we commissioned The Assembly Line to review the current market offer. The Council are responding to the results of the consultation and report recommendations by implementing improvements to the current market arrangement and offer on Ilford High Road.

Local traders and stakeholders are at the heart of our decision-making process so existing market operators in Ilford will have an opportunity to be a part of any future selection process.

The broad activities of the programme include:

  • Cease the existing market operation at the end of June 2019. We are working with the communications team and other stakeholders to explain the changes amongst traders, market operators and customers focusing on what will be in place of the existing market and the timescales.
  • Working to implement the Food Act. We aim to apply the Food Act to administer markets in Redbridge, and we are working with our Legal team to implement this.
  •  Policy Reviews. Policies and procedures are being reviewed to create a clear, easy to understand set of policies and procedures to enable traders and a new operator to understand what is expected of them when trading in Redbridge. We are also creating a policy on charity and community stall usage.  
  •  Tendering for an operator to run market events. We are working with the Procurement Team to ensure that the tender process is fair and equitable giving existing and new operators an opportunity to respond to our brief and advert. We are currently assessing suitable candidates that we would like to invite to consider undertaking the new market provision in Ilford.
  •  Reviewing the frequency, layout, technical requirements, and goods/services on offer. We want to curate a more uniform, aesthetically pleasing, and legible layout that is accessible and adequately provides for traders, whilst being equally attractive and engaging to customers. With a new layout we may be able to increase the number of stalls.
  • Continuing to promote Redbridge as a borough that supports entrepreneurism via Hub Central and the Trading Post programme. We will ensure that any new operator has experience of working with start-ups and continues to work with our Small Business Advisor to build applications ready for them to trade.

In addition to the above we are creating an annual events programme for the High Road linking new offers from existing stakeholders such as the Exchange, the Ilford BID, Vision and local businesses to the new market provision. We will also engage local people by partnering with local colleges and Hub Central to encourage take-up of the Trading Post programme and to encourage local people in general (who may trade elsewhere) to trade in Ilford. This will be linked to a new communications programme with the Ilford BID to tie into existing plans and publications. The Ilford BID are currently updating their website and social media platforms so there will be an opportunity to promote more synergy between organisations and end users.




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