Pest control service: what to expect

This includes treatments for bed bugs, cockroaches and insects

Our qualified technicians provide a high quality competitively priced pest control service for treating a variety of pests.

Commercial and domestic premises are treated for rats, mice, cockroaches, wasps, bedbugs, pharaoh ants, black ants & fleas.

What we do

  • we offer advice to residents and businesses about how to get rid of insects and rodents
  • we investigate the cause of any infestation and recommend a treatment. We will give you safety information, offer advice on what you can do and tell you roughly how long your treatment may last
  • we have effective treatments for these pests and can also help with identifying pests if you are unsure and information about what to do


Pest control for residential properties

We offer a reliable and cost-effective service.

We will:

  • answer your enquiry quickly
  • arrange treatment which works
  • give written safety information and reports on the work done
  • advise you on where to seal points where pests may enter
  • keep an up to date list of prices for public health pest treatments in a standard residential dwelling on our pest control page
  • we will continue to visit your property until the pest problem is under control, as long as you have followed through all our hygiene, housekeeping and proofing recommendations.
  • we also offer free surveys and quotes for annual contracts for landlords, housing associations and managing agents


Pest control for businesses

We offer services to businesses. If you own a business, or you are responsible for pest control where you work.

We will:

  • answer your enquiry quickly
  • inspect your property and suggest the right contract at a competitive price
  • report on the work we do
  • advise you other work such as sealing points where pests may enter
  • we will continue to visit your premises until the pest problem is under control, as long as you have followed through all our hygiene, housekeeping and proofing recommendations
  • We also provide pest control services for schools, nurseries, community centres, places of worship and registered charities. One of our Pest Control team will discuss your needs and provide a free no obligation quotation for this service.
  • We are now increasing our commercial pest control work for non-food businesses in the borough. Any businesses interested in our services please call us for a FREE no obligation quotation.


How to book

To book an appointment or to seek further information and advice on pests in London Borough of Redbridge for both residential and business premises:

Contact the call centre between 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays when we are closed on 0208 554 5000 or email

Your enquiry will be logged and our pest control team will be in touch to provide you with a suitable appointment to quote or treat.


What you can expect

We will:

  • respond to your request as soon as possible by providing the next available morning afternoon appointment
  • implement a professional quality controlled pest treatment aimed at eradicating the pest from your property
  • provide you with a written report highlighting any recommendations, any actions taken and the name and locations of any pesticides or insecticides used during the treatment.
  • investigate the cause of the pest infestation and provide practical proofing and hygiene advice
  • provide safety information about the pest treatment in your property, when necessary
  • offer advice or alternative action if we are unable to help
  • refer any adjoining properties with infestations to Environmental Health to investigate


What you can do

  • report the pest problem as soon as possible
  • if the pest problem comes back after the treatment is finished, let us know as soon as possible. After a month of being pest free, any new report of pest activity will be seen as a re-infestation and you must pay the full charge for treatment.
  • inform the pest control officer as much about the problem as you can follow the advice and instructions given to you by the pest control officer contact us as soon as you can if you cannot keep an appointment


We do not

  • investigate or treat as a priority infestations outside the following public health pests; rats, mice, cockroaches, bedbugs,

wasps, pharaoh ants & fleas

  • become involved in wider issues
  • spend excessive amount of time on a single problem

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