Waste and Recycling for New Residents

If you are new to the borough...

Welcome to Redbridge! 

We have weekly domestic waste collections and weekly recycling collections. Your domestic waste must be presented in an official Redbridge wheelie bin and your recycling should be presented using the 2 box system, although you can also present in clear plastic bags. 


If you need new recycling boxes

If you are a new resident and there are no boxes at your property, you are entitled to two boxes free of charge. Please email cleansing.services@redbridge.gov.uk with your details. This only applies if you have been at your property for no longer than 3 months.


What goes in your recycling boxes?

Please ensure your recycling is completely free from food, rinsed and squashed to save space in your box. 

Box 1:

  • Food tins, drinks cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic bottles
  • Clean plastic pots, tubs and trays (rinsed, no food, no black plastic)
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Clean aluminium foil, including foil trays (rinsed, no food, scrunch small pieces)

Box 2:

  • Paper
  • Envelopes (including windows)
  • Thin card
  • Thick card (ensure this is folded or cut to fit inside your recycling box)



Domestic Waste

Please adhere to the following rules or guidelines :

  • all waste must be presented in the wheelie bin (the lid must be closed)
  • placed within the boundary of your property near to the highway, but not on the pavement (if you leave waste on the highway you may be prosecuted)
  • please place out by 6am on the day of collection
  • any excess waste (not in bin) will not be taken
  • with all recyclable waste placed in your recycling boxes

We collect rubbish and recycling weekly on the same day.  Bank holiday collections vary. 

Do you need a new or different bin?

If you feel that your bin is too big or too small then you can request a change. Please note that there are requirements that need to be met for a larger bin.

Please click here to request a new container


Order new container


If you live in flats where waste is collected from a communal area, you will need to contact us for your collection day.

Need help with your collections?

We’re here to help and can provide ‘assisted collections’ for those residents who, on assessment, are unable to use the rubbish and recycling collection service without assistance from the Authority.  For example:

  • Aged 80 or over
  • Ill health
  • Have a registered disability (Blue Badge holder)
  • Infirmity
  • Suffering  from short- or long-term illness
  • Need short term support after surgery
  • Pregnant with no one able to offer support
  • Blind or visually impaired and no one  able to offer support
  • There is no one else their property able to put the recycling boxes and wheelie bin out for collection

Assisted collections will be regularly reviewed to ensure the service is still required.

To request a ‘assisted collection’ you will need to complete our online form or 0208 554 5000. Your request will then be considered, and you will be informed of our decision.  Please allow 10 working days for a response to your request.

What we don't collect

The following is waste that is not collected as part of our domestic waste collection:


Bulky Waste

You can:


Garden Waste

We will collect up to five sacks of your green garden waste on each collection.

Garden waste