Hazardous waste

Waste is hazardous when it has properties that might make it harmful to human health or the environment. GOV.UK has advice on  what is classed hazardous waste

Different specialists deal with different hazardous waste. 

Dumped hazardous waste (needles, asbestos, clinical or chemical waste) should not be touched.

Report the fly tipping (dumping of rubbish) so it can be removed safely and disposed of appropriately


Asbestos, chemicals and pesticides 

Asbestos, chemicals and pesticides cannot be collected through the normal refuse collection service and can not be taken to the Chigwell Reuse and Recycling Centre.

Contact the Corporation of London (City of London) on 020 7332 3433, who can arrange for a collection of hazardous waste. This can also be used for the collection of paint.

Asbestos can be booked in to be taken to Jenkins Lane RRC in Newham by calling 0800 389 9918. 

Clinical Waste

Medical or clinical  waste has to be disposed of in a certain way. Clinical waste can be collected by us from a domestic property or a business. Find out more about clinical waste


You can recycle your non-lithium household batteries commonly found in torches, hearing aids, camcorders, calculators, watches, cameras and toys at the following locations:

  • Central Library, Clements Road
  • Goodmayes Library, 76 Goodmayes Lane
  • Aldersbrook Library, 2A Park Road
  • Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road
  • Gants Hill Library, 490 Cranbrook Road
  • Fullwell Cross Library, 140 High Street, Barkingside
  • Clayhall Library, 1 Claybury Broadway, Woodford Ave
  • South Woodford Library, 116 High Road
  • Hainault Library, 100 Manford Way
  • Seven Kings Library, 670 High Road
  • Keith Axon Centre, 160-170 Grove Road

Fluorescent tubes

Old fluorescent lighting tubes can be taken to the Chigwell Road tip (Redbridge reuse and recycling centre).

Fireworks and explosives

Sometimes you will have leftover fireworks from a celebration, or you may discover some old flares. Please do not dispose of these items in your normal bin. Follow the guidance below to ensure safe disposal of explosive items. 


Soak overnight in a bucket of water before taking them to Chigwell tip. Please tell the staff at the tip that you have fireworks and that they have been soaked. They will tell you which area to dispose of them in. 


We cannot offer disposal of flares. You should speak to the manufacturer or supplier.

Oils and paints

Chigwell road tip  will accept any old, unwanted or unused oil and paint.