Rubbish collection

Collection update (narrow access) - we now have a narrow vehicle. The contractor is hard at work trying to catch-up any missed hard to access roads and will be fully caught up by the end of the week. All excess waste will be taken by them as part of this catch-up.

Report a missed collection

We collect rubbish and recycling weekly on the same day.  Bank holiday collections vary. Garden Waste collections have now ended and will resume in Spring. Visit our Garden Waste page for more information. Until collections resume you can take your garden waste for free to any refuse and recycling centre.


Christmas services and collection dates

We are offering a Christmas tree collection service which will run for 2 weeks between Monday 14 January and Friday 25 January 2019.  However, we cannot offer a specific day of collection so please place your tree, with all decorations removed, out from Monday 14 January at the boundary of your property (ensuring it is visible) and we will do the rest. Alternatively, you can take your tree for free to Chigwell Road tip or any other refuse and recycling centre. 

Please don’t book a bulky waste collection for your tree, as too many requests will increase the waiting times and it is unlikely to be collected before Monday 14 January anyway.

You can recycle your Christmas cards in your blue recycling box. You can also add your Christmas wrapping paper as long as it’s not made from foil; this will have to go in your general rubbish bag. 

We need to change our operating days because of the Christmas and New Year holidays to ensure that those residents whose normal day of collection falls on these days, still receive a service. This means we will run collections on Saturday until we resume normal operation. The dates below show the collection for the week following the Christmas holidays. We no longer distribute separate leaflets but the information is available as a pull out in the latest edition of Redbridge Life.

Usual collection date Christmas collection date
Monday 24 December No change
Tuesday 25 December Thursday 27 December
Wednesday 26 December Friday 28 December
Thursday 27 December Saturday 29 December
Friday 28 December Monday 31 December
Monday 31 December Wednesday 2 January
Tuesday 1 January Thursday 3 January
Wednesday 2 January Friday 4 January
Thursday 3 January Saturday 5 January
Friday 4 January Monday 7 January
Monday 7 January Tuesday 8 January
Tuesday 8 January Wednesday 9 January
Wednesday 9 January Thursday 10 January
Thursday 10 January Friday 11 January
Friday 11 January Saturday 12 January
Monday 14 January Back to normal


You can see your bin days by either logging in or providing your address

If you live in flats where waste is collected from a communal area, you will need to contact us for your collection day.

You can book a large item collection, hazardous and clinical waste as well as report abandoned or dumped items (fly tipping).


Present your rubbish for collection like this:

  • in bin bags
  • placed within the boundary of your property near to the highway, but not on the pavement (if you leave waste on the highway you may be prosecuted)
  • please place out by 7am on the day of collection
  • if you have a dustbin or wheelie bin you should leave bags in it to protect them from animals and weather
  • all recyclable waste should be placed in your recycling boxes, please see further info below

Buying your own bin

Any bin used should have fixed grip handles, fixed lower down. This ensures the crew can lift it and empty it into the rubbish truck

Bins with handles designed to lock over lid are not suitable for manual lifting. You should only use these bins to store your waste sacks.

Wheelie bins

You may use a wheelie bin only to store your sacks of refuse and providing you leave the bin out for collection, the operatives will remove the sacks.  If you place too many bags in the bin, they may not be able to reach the bottom sack as they are not allowed to reach into the bottom of the bin as part of the Contractor's risk assessment. 

We do not tip wheeled bins into the back of the collection vehicle. This is still a bag only collection operation.

Can you clean my bin?

It is your responsibility to keep your bin clean. If you live in a property that has a managing agent and you share your bin with other people, then it is the responsibility of the managing agent or landlord to keep the communal bins clean and tidy.

What we don't collect

The following is waste that is not collected as part of our domestic waste collection:

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