Garden waste

Please present a maximum of 5 bags at a time. Any more than that, and it may not be collected. This is help ensure crews complete their rounds.

You can see what day and week your road is here

You can also check your day of collection here - For refuse, recycling and garden waste  Check your next day of collection

Your garden waste should be presented in the official sack provided or open black sacks, at the boundary of your property on the day of collection (by 6am). Please only present a maximum of five sacks per collection. Any more than that, and they may not be collected.

You can put the following in to the waste bag: ✔

We ask you not to include the following: ✖

grass cuttings

household or food waste

hedge trimmings

paints or liquids

pruning and small branches

logs and tree stumps

weeds and leaves

plant pots and polystyrene

dead plants

turf or soil

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to sign up to receive this service?
    You do not have to sign up again. The new service is universal, meaning that it is available and free of charge to all residents who wish to use it.
  2. How long will the service run for?
    The service will run from 4th April to the end of November. 
  3. How will I know when my garden waste is being collected?
    Garden waste is collected fortnightly; you can check your garden waste collection date.
  4. Where shall I leave my green garden waste bag for collection?
    Bags should be clearly displayed at the boundary of your property. If you are not using the allocated green garden waste bag please ensure the bag is untied so that the contents can be determined.
  5. How many bags can I put out?
    We encourage you to fill your Garden Waste bag in the first instance. If you have additional waste you may use alternative bags. While there is no set limit on how many bags you can put out we expect residents to understand that this needs to be a reasonable amount and we ask that a maximum of 5 sacks is presented. If you have a large amount, you can also bring garden waste to the recycling centre.
  6. What happens if my bag is lost, damaged or stolen?
    Each property has been issued with one Garden Waste bag in 2018 and there are no plans to issue more.
  7. What should I do if I think the collection of my green waste has been missed?
    If you think this is the case, you can report it on our missed collections webpage.


Other ways to dispose of garden waste

Green waste such as grass trimmings, plant cuttings, and weeds are ideal for composting alongside waste from the home such as shredded paper, cardboard, and egg shells. Composting is great for the environment and is a fantastic natural way to dispose of garden waste.

We’d like to encourage more residents to find out the benefits of composting.

View more information on composting and how to purchase compost bins

Remember that you must dispose of all your rubbish responsibly. Dumping rubbish is a serious offence and those caught fly-tipping face a £400 on-the-spot fine.

You can also take garden waste for free to any of the following East London Waste Authority (ELWA) Refuse & Recycling Centres, including:

  • Chigwell Road, Redbridge
  • Jenkins Lane, Newham
  • Frizlands Lane, Barking & Dagenham
  • Gerpins Lane, Havering

ID is required to dispose of waste at ELWA refuse and recycling centres.



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