Equality and diversity in Redbridge

We recognise and value the diverse population of our borough and are committed to advancing equality of opportunity, eliminating unlawful discrimination and harassment and fostering good community relations. This is particularly so for those who are most disadvantaged so that they are able to reach their full potential.

Our vision is for Redbridge to be one of the most inclusive and welcoming boroughs in London, where communities value each other and embrace our collective contribution to a fairer society. 

Equality pledge

Sign our equality pledge and help Redbridge become a more inclusive borough. 

The Redbridge Equality Pledge will contribute to ensuring that every resident in Redbridge is treated equally and fairly by others, giving them the freedom to be who they are. The pledge will allow both individuals and organisations to make a commitment towards driving equality in Redbridge and promoting inclusiveness across all the protected characteristics and not discriminating against any particular protected characteristic. 

Equality and Diversity Strategy 

The Equality and Diversity Strategy is to help us become a fairer council, helping us to promote equality and diversity when we provide services to our residents; and as an employer.

The Equality and Diversity Strategy is a priority project under our Corporate Strategy

To develop the strategy we consulted with organisations who work with a diverse group of people and reviewed information from the Fairness Commission consultation.

How the strategy will work for Redbridge

We have also developed an Equality and Diversity action plan (PDF 2MB) which sets out our actions to meet our equality objectives. 

We expect our employees and partners to respect and comply with UK Government legislation and policies view our Equal Opportunities in Employment Policy Statement (PDF 34KB)

We also expect organisations supplying goods or services on behalf of us to comply with these duties. View our Procurement Strategy for our commitment to equality (PDF 0.9MB)

How do we think about equality and diversity in what we do

We have developed an equality impact assessment (EqIA) process to ensure that our policies, projects and services are fit for purpose.

There are a number of good reasons for doing this:

  • to help us to anticipate and thereby reduce or prevent any discriminatory effects on any particular groups of people, particularly the most disadvantaged or vulnerable people in our community
  • council services are more appropriate for users, including making them more efficient and cost-effective, improving public satisfaction
  • councillors are properly advised of the potential effects of proposals before they make decisions that will inevitably affect people’s lives
  • the process offers the opportunity for stakeholder involvement in council decisions. Consultation is a key part of the process, so service users, staff and others likely to be affected by a proposal can have the opportunity to get involved and shape the final decision

How we do it

we consider equality issues by initially working through a number of questions using the following purpose designed templates:

  • a ‘screening’ template for deciding whether a full impact assessment is necessary
  • a ‘full equality impact assessment’ template which guides us in a more detailed enquiry, incorporating the consideration of existing research, as well as engaging staff, service users and representative groups in new inquiries.

We have developed guidance for officers to follow when conducting EqIAs. In screening a policy or process we systematically work through key questions to focus our mind on the potential impacts.

The questions include:

  • What is the purpose of the process?
  • Do we know our target audience?
  • Are vulnerable or disadvantaged people to target audience?
  • Does this process specifically focus on groups of people by reference to their ‘protected characteristic’

This will give us an idea of whether the impact is adverse and whether sufficiently high to warrant further inquiry or full EqIA.

A full EqIA will expand the information and data that has been referred to in the screening giving a detailed explanation of the envisaged impact and actions that have sought to mitigate the risks from the adverse impact. This will include research from other areas, where relevant and include the results of engagement and consultation with stakeholders.

Equality information for Redbridge

Good equality information informs both our decision making and demonstrates our equality practice.  The collection and analysis of equality information, which includes the results from engagement,  is an important way to develop our understanding.

Information we use to help develop our equality and diversity work:





Employment and living

Key Redbridge reports:

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