Fairness Commission

The Redbridge Fairness Commission was set up in January 2015 by Redbridge Council to investigate poverty and inequality in Redbridge and look at how we and our partners are taking action to address it.

The Commission outlined a number of recommendations that it thought we and other local organisations can implement to make sure we’re looking after our most vulnerable residents, giving people the best start in life and ensuring opportunity for all, particularly as pressures on our resources increase.

The Council's Cabinet received the recommendations in March 2016 and agreed and action plan to take forward 36 separate projects across the Council, covering a number of areas including health and wellbeing, home, economy and community.  Officers have been working closely with partners to achieve the intended outcomes for the 36 projects and have been closely monitoring the progress towards this. For some projects, we have gone well beyond the original remit and have turned pilots into fully fledged programmes which are now part of the Council’s business as usual. For example, in the case of the Immigration Taskforce, a regular partnership network has been set up to support people with no recourse to public funds in line with the actions recommended.  These projects will form part of the ongoing work of the Council. Tackling inequality in all Council activities is a key priority
going forward. 

Read the final report of the Fairness Commission.




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