Volunteering and Work Experience

Volunteer to get experience

Volunteering can be a great way to gain vital work experience that many employers now look for.

It also provides an opportunity to give something back to your local community. There are volunteering opportunities for everyone and we can help you find one that suits you.

Benefits of volunteering:

  • enhance your CV
  • gain valuable on the job work experience
  • increases your chances of gaining paid employment
  • use your skills in a productive way
  • discover new potential career paths
  • increase your confidence and challenge yourself
  • meet new people and help your local community

Opportunities for volunteering and work experience

Please see Volunteering and Work Experience opportunities in the tables below for Redbridge and other surrounding areas. Use the links below to help you find your next opportunity. 


Redbridge CVS  RedbridgeCVS (Redbridge Council for Voluntary Service) is a member of the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action, London Voluntary Service Council and the National Council of Voluntary Organisations and is committed to promoting and developing local voluntary and community action.
Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure Vision RCL is a registered charity. As a social enterprise Vision RCL is committed to working in partnership with the London Borough of Redbridge to deliver a wide range of leisure and cultural services to the communities that we serve.
Frenford Clubs

Frenford organises recreational and competitive sessions so can cater for coaches of all abilities, and as a reward to our committed volunteers we offer to put them on courses such as FA or ECB level 1 or 2 courses which helps the volunteers development, increase their skill set and make themselves more employable for future jobs.

Redbridge Youth Council Join the council and make a difference to your borough. We want to give young people aged 11 to 19 in Redbridge a say on the issues that matter to them and a chance to have their voice heard. As a member of the Youth Council, you will get involved in a number of our campaigns. You do not have to be elected to be a member of the Youth Council, just come along.
Citizen Advice Redbridge  At Citizens Advice Redbridge we are looking for young people (aged 16-25) to join our Youth Forum. As a member you will help advise, shape and implement the ways we provide advice and support for young people. You will learn more about young peoples’ rights and help us to deliver advice, information and support.

Public sector:

Army Cadet  If you want to aim higher, feel more confident and get a head start on your future join the Army Cadets. Every year thousands of young people and adult volunteers join the Army Cadets for fun, friendship, action and adventure.
Police Cadet  Volunteer Police Cadets operates in every force across England & Wales. It is our vision within our strategy that in the future we aim to achieve a seamless journey from 8 yrs to adulthood through the VPC
Royal Air Force Air Cadet If you're a fan of aviation, action and adventure, love sports and getting to know people then you're in the right place. Every year nearly 56,000 air cadets and volunteer staff take part in exciting events all over the country. And with over 1,000 squadrons across the UK, you could be one of them.


Do-It Volunteering Through our technology people build meaningful connections, do good things, and feel healthier and happier as a result. We’ve created a platform - to help them do things with purpose, and to help people discover their purpose - enabling a kinder world where social well-being is a priority for all.
Young Citizens 

With your help, we can change the lives of young people across the UK. Young Citizens reach over one million children and young people every year. We operate at the intersection of politics, the law, social action and the media, and the work our volunteers do has never been more influential. With your help, we can ensure our work is far-reaching, impactful and inclusive.

Springpod From work experience with top organisations to degree tasters with leading universities, your Springpod profile unlocks it all. Discover opportunities to gain valuable experience, secure a place on the course of your dreams or get hired straight out of school. 
National Citizens Service

Designed specially for 16 and 17 year olds, the NCS experience will give you a clearer idea of what you want from your future turning all those ‘No You Cant’s’ into No We Can. We exist to engage, unite and empower young people, building your confidence so you can go out there and achieve your dreams, no matter where you’re from or what your background is.