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Are you:

  • feeling that there is nothing for young people to do?
  • thinking that nobody ever listens to your views?
  • wishing you had more input into what happens in Redbridge?
  • aged between 11 and 19 and living and/or studying in Redbridge?

Then come and join the Redbridge Youth Council.

Redbridge Youth Council

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Join the Youth Council and make a difference to your borough. We want to give young people, aged 11 to 19, in Redbridge a say on the issues that matter to them and a chance to have their voice heard. As a member of the Youth Council, you will get involved in a number of campaigns. Some recent campaigns include raising awareness of mental health in schools, writing guidelines for schools about sexual harassment and looking at raising awareness about gangs and knife culture. You do not have to be elected to be a member of the Youth Council, just come along.

We meet at Redbridge Town Hall every Monday evening during term-time.  If you’d like to attend please contact us or visit our get involved page. During our sessions we discuss things that matter to you and other young people in Redbridge.  We also have guests from various external agencies such as Kooth, Via and CATTs (Cancer Awareness for Teens and Twenties).  The meetings are run, with your help, by our MYPs.

Redbridge - Members of Youth Parliament

Meet your newly elected Redbridge Youth Members of Parliament (MYP)  and Deputy Youth Member of  Parliament (DYMP)

In February over, 11,000 young people aged 11-18, voted in the Redbridge Youth Elections. Here, the 3 successful candidates write about what they plan to do  over their 2-year term in office.

Anusha Hussain - MYP

My initiative, targets youth food poverty through school programs promoting free meals and reducing waste. Partnering with local businesses, I aim to ensure no young person goes hungry. I advocate for mental health prioritisation and a creative, skill-focused education system, offering career exploration, mentoring, and life skills. To combat domestic and child abuse, I propose trauma-informed training in schools. As a Member of the Youth Parliament, I'm dedicated to implementing these changes in Redbridge, my home. Together, we can reshape youth narratives, provide support, and break the cycle of abuse, fostering a healthier, more empowered community.

Yusuf Shobair - MYP

Redbridge faces a pressing, youth mental health crisis. My strategy encourages all Redbridge Schools to adopt the 'Watch Your Language' program or similar. Implementing a rewards/sanctions system to deter bullying and fostering a positive environment. I'll organise stress-relief and exam workshops, extracurricular activities, and peer mentorship programs. This comprehensive education package will include form time activities, forums, and engaging events to create a mentally healthier Redbridge.

In collaboration with local authorities, schools, ‘CFR’ Ambassadors and police, I'll amplify street safety awareness. Sanctions/rewards programs will target deviant behaviours like vaping and grooming by gangs. Safety measures include partnering with the police, schools and Transport for London to make public transport safer. Teaming up with local businesses, we'll establish certified safe zones with Bystander training programs, with Community Safety. The lighting up of risky areas and implementing cameras will further ensure our youth's safety.

Disadvantaged students bear the brunt of fuel poverty. I'll collaborate with local businesses, support groups, and charities to address this through inclusive opportunities and activities. Utilising Redbridge's social media, I'll promote events, fostering a sense of community. Engagement with Hainault Youth Centre and free opportunity providers will amplify our impact on youth, addressing fuel poverty and fostering inclusivity.

Inaaya Ijaz - DYMP

As a environmentalist, my mission is to make all schools Plastic Clever. I've already pioneered this initiative at my school by removing all single-use plastic bottles. I believe it's crucial for our generation to address this now, to avoid consequences later.

As a student who recently selected GCSE subjects, I realised the importance of connecting with universities earlier to explore potential career paths before making important decisions.

I believe in learning power beyond the classroom through national and international trips, to enrich our knowledge of the world and diverse cultures.

Child Friendly Redbridge (CFR) Ambassadors 

Redbridge understands how important young people are and so we are working with UNICEF and Redbridge young people known as Ambassadors to become a Child Friendly Borough.  For more information about this check out the Child Friendly Redbridge website.

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