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Coronavirus: service update – Redbridge Youth Council meetings have been postponed. Meetings online. 

We are still keeping in touch and are running virtual meetings to plan and support Redbridge residents during this time. if you would like to join our virtual Youth Council, please email us for more details. 

For information on all service changes please see our services changes page.


Join the Youth Council and make a difference to your borough

Are you:

  • fed up with feeling like there's nothing for young people to do?
  • think nobody ever listens to your views?
  • wish you had more control over what happens in Redbridge?
  • aged between 11 and 19 and living and/or studying in Redbridge?

Then come and join the Redbridge Youth Council.

Redbridge Youth Council

Get involved

Join the council and make a difference to your borough. We want to give young people aged 11 to 19 in Redbridge a say on the issues that matter to them and a chance to have their voice heard. As a member of the Youth Council, you will get involved in a number of our campaigns. Some recent campaigns include raising awareness of mental health in schools, writing guidelines for schools about sexual harassment and looking at raising awareness about gang and knife culture. You do not have to be elected to be a member of the Youth Council, just come along.

Redbridge Youth Election 2020

The Youth Election ran from Monday 3 February to Thursday 13 February and this year nearly 15,000 young people 11 to 18 years old voted which is the highest turnout since 2007 when the Youth Elections began.  Ahmed Rahman and Faizan Ahmed were elected from the 10 candidates and will represent the Borough as Redbridge Members of the UK Youth Parliament (MYPs).   Read their manifesto commitments below.

Due to the current restrictions the MYP's will remain for an additional term of a year.

  • I plan to inform young people about knife crime and how to avoid it
  • I aim to encourage young people to use different methods of transport to protect the environment
  • I will encourage local businesses to educate young people on entrepreneurship skills


The number of knife crime incidents in London are increasing.  To tackle this situation I aim to educate young people about making the right decision.  To promote this, I will increase the number of assemblies and workshops from organisations also trying to tackle knife crime.


 Protecting the environment is important for our generation's future.  I will aim to encourage young people to use different methods of transport for example, instead of driving to school, young people could use the bus or walk to school to protect the environment.  To do this I will contact organisations such as Living Streets, to hold more activities around Redbridge to protect the environment.


I believe we need young, innovative entrepreneurs to improve our future.  I aim to introduce new workshops to give business ideas and help build on existing business plans.  I will contact local businesses and organisations such as young enterprise, to hold workshops and activities around Redbridge.

  • I aim to encourage young people to care for our environment
  • I pledge to raise awareness of hate crime
  • I propose to run workshops and campaigns against knife crime


Littering is a big problem in Redbridge, as it makes our borough look unsightly.  This promotes more littering and makes the place unsafe.  As a member of Youth Parliament, I aim to make assemblies to schools about littering on the streets.  They will include a PowerPoint with a video.  I will explain to them the effects of littering and what we can do to help put an end to this.

Promoting racial equality is challenging.  It will be a responsibility of mine if I become an MYP.  Redbridge is a diverse borough and everyone is unique.  I strongly believe in breaking those barriers by planning educational methods that can be applied to daily life, also by running workshops in libraries or schools and involving charities such as "Stop Hate UK" for support.  This will raise awareness withing young people about hate crime.

Several young people have been affected by knife crime in recent years.  I will plan workshops in schools by working with various charities.  They will focus on the effects of knife crime and where to get support from.  This will help schools to become more robust in managing young people's awareness about knife crime.


Child Friendly Redbridge Ambassador Panel

Redbridge is working towards being a Child Friendly Borough and as part of this initiative, we have set up a Youth Panel.  Nearly 4,500 young people took part in the online vote for their 150 ambassador nominees.  The Ambassador and Deputies have now been elected for each school and will represent their school on the Youth Panel.  

  • Beal High School - Sia Pandya Ambassador; Maryam Loonat Deputy
  • Caterham High School  - Emaan Faisal Ambassador; Sofia Salah Al-Rifai Deputy
  • Chadwell Heath Academy -   Yamim Shah Ambassador; Rym Meral Djitli Deputy
  • Ilford County High School - Zain Khan Ambassador; Yusuf Kabir Deputy
  • Isaac Newton Academy - Diya Rajput Ambassador; Izza Tanoli Deputy
  • Kantor King Solomon High School- Toby Ladlow Ambassador; Deputy Eliza Costas Deputy
  • Loxford School - Jussira Silva Ambassador; Aisha Abdi Deputy
  • Mayfield School - Aysha Choudhury Ambassador;  Raul Andrei Tinca Deputy
  • Oaks Park High School - Arwa Dahir Ambassador; Julian Boakye Acheampong Deputy
  • The Palmer Catholic Academy - Vacany
  • Seven Kings High School - Zainab Ali Ambassador
  • The Forest Academy - Anthony Carteret Ambassador
  • The Ursuline Academy Ilford - Faiza Shakeel Ambassador; Melissa Kabeya Deputy
  • Trinity Catholic Academy - Ciara Gorman Ambassador
  • Valentines High School - Masfee Ahmed Ambassador; Muhammad Ayaan Deputy
  • Wanstead High School - Isabel van der Straaten Ambassador; Tom Boltwood Deputy
  • Woodbridge High School - Anosha Khan Ambassador; Max Togonu-Bickersteth Deputy
  • Woodford County High School - Maddeline Balogun Ambassador

Young Cabinet Election 2020

The new Young Cabinet was elected on 20 April 2020 and they are:

Raul Andrei Tinca Deputy MYP Leader
Faizan Ahmed Deputy Leader and other LA's
Khatira Kazemi Children and Young People
Shaan Ali Health, Social Care, Mental Health and the Ageing
Abdullah Raja Transformation and Engagement
Vacany Housing and Homelessness
Faizan Ahmed MYP Crime, Safety and Cohesion
Yusuf Kabir LYA rep Civic Pride
Ahmed Rahman MYP Planning and Planning Enforcement 

Make Your Mark 2020

Once again Redbridge has excelled in Make Your Mark - this year it was online so it was very different.  Over 180,000 young people voted in the annual Make Your Mark consultation.  In Redbridge 6,426 young people voted, which is 20.64% of the population making Redbridge once again 1st in London for population turnout and 3rd overall in the UK  - well done Redbridge. 

There were 15 Redbridge schools and centres, who took part in the consultation and the 3 highest local issues for Redbridge have been voted as:

  • Homelessness
  • Domestic Violence
  • Access to Broadband. 

The 3 national campaigns are:

  • Free University
  •  Support Our Mental Health
  • Take Action on the Climate Emergency: Stop Plastic.  See the full result report here .  Thank you so much to everyone who once again put Redbridge at the top. 

Redbridge Youth on Facebook and Instagram

We have set up a Facebook page and Instagram - redbridge youth which will provide you with everything you need to know about youth services and being young in Redbridge.

We will bring you information on a range of things including:

  • youth service activities
  • leisure and sporting activities
  • education
  • training and job opportunities and much more

We want this to become the place where you get all of the information you need as a young person in Redbridge.

Get in touch with us

 Contact Raina Gee on 020 8708 3713 or 07880 582 041 or email


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