Electric vehicles

Benefits of owning an electric vehicle

If you are a Redbridge resident and you own a pure electric vehicle then you gain the following benefits:

Some of these exemptions are time-limited. If you drive a hybrid electric vehicle you will need to check if you are eligible for the above exemptions.

Charging my electric vehicle on-street

We have installed 10 lamp post column slow chargers in South Woodford and Wanstead and TfL has installed 3 rapid charging points in Redbridge.

You can see where existing public charging points are located in Redbridge and across the country.

We recently carried out public and Traffic Management Order consultations and proposed 36 locations for installing on-street electric vehicle charging points and associated EV charging bays.
Following the consultation analysis, we are now proceeding with the installation of electric vehicle charging points at the following locations:

  •  Alexandra Road, at the side of no. 10 Pulteney Road
  •  Belgrave Road, at the side of no. 35 Lake House Road
  • Buckingham Road, at the side of no. 44 Rutland Road
  • Byron Avenue, at the side of no. 69 Broadwalk
  • Cadogan Gardens, at the side of 23-25 Chigwell Road
  • Dangan Road, at the side of Our Lady of Lourdes Church
  • Derby Road, outside 90 to 96
  • Grove Road, north-east of Lincoln Road junction
  • Halstead Road, at the side of no. 12 Nelson Road
  • Hermitage Walk, outside 44 to 54
  • Marlborough Road, at the side of no. 23A Clarendon Road
  • Maybank Avenue, opposite nos. 1 and 3
  • Monmouth Avenue, at the side of no. 27 Charnwood Drive
  • Wanstead Place, outside no. 4
  • Pelham Road, outside number 18

New locations have been identified as an alternative to the 21 locations that did not receive your support and there will be another consultation on these new locations shortly.

South Woodford Community Electric Vehicle Charging Hub

Following a consultation which received residents backing, it has been approved for one side of the Mulberry Way car park to be converted to the the South Woodford Community Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Hub.

There will be 12 electric vehicle charging bays and charge points with varying charging capacities from 7kW to 22kW.

A small number of car park bays will remain to cater for the low level of demand for parking in this car park. However, passive provision will be made to enable them to be converted into electric vehicle charging bays at some point in the future as demand for EV charging increases.

The car park has been resurfaced and remarked to bring it up to the standards of modern car parks.

The electric vehicle charge points have been installed and will be operational in July 2021.

To ensure that the bays remain available for residents and visitors to use and are not blocked by vehicles with internal combustion engines or EVs that have overstayed, the bays will be protected by a Traffic Management Order (TMO) and will be enforceable.

Request an on-street EVCP

If you are a resident or business in Redbridge that owns an electric vehicle or you’re thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid you can suggest a location and request the installation of an on-street electric vehicle charge point near to where you live or work.

You can suggest a charge point location on the internet by visiting char.gy or charge my street.

Alternatively, you can suggest a location for a charge point by emailing evcp@redbridge.gov.uk. We will register your interest to help us determine local demand for new charge points.

Wireless charging for electric cars

We are the first London borough to offer residents wireless charging for electric cars. This innovative scheme works by installing a pad on the underside of an electric car that can be aligned with pads buried beneath the road surface, allowing cable-free charging.

Please check out the consultation page and to let us know your thoughts on this proposal.

Charging my electric vehicle at home

If you have off-street parking and would like to install a home charge point you may be eligible for a grant from the Office of Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) to help cover some of the costs.

Find out more about the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

A person who for any purpose places any rope, wire or other apparatus across a highway in such a manner as to be likely to cause danger to persons using the highway is, unless he proves that he had taken all necessary means to give adequate warning of the danger, guilty of an offence and liable to a fine.

If a passer-by injures themselves due to your cable, you can be held responsible. Furthermore, a cable across the ground can limit accessibility of the footway and can impact negatively on people with disabilities. If you do not have off-street parking, you should not trail your cable across the pavement, including the use of pavement drainage channels or a cable protector.

Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)

From 25 October 2021 the ULEZ boundary will be extended to create a single larger zone bounded by the North and South Circular Roads. If you are driving any petrol or diesel vehicle within the expansion you will also need to meet the tighter emissions standards or pay a daily charge.

Find out more information on the ULEZ


Should you have any further all-electric vehicle or electric vehicle charge point questions please email evcp@redbridge.gov.uk.

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