Street naming and numbering

What is street naming and numbering

We are responsible for the naming and numbering of new or existing streets and buildings within Redbridge.

If there has been a development, redevelopment or conversion and this has changed the number of units for residential, retail, industrial or leisure purposes, these will need to be given their own official postal address.

New names for streets and buildings go through a consultation process that can take several weeks. Please contact us as early as possible, preferably before building work starts and before a development name has been marketed or publicised. If you want to change the name/number of an existing property you must, by law, make an application to us.

How to apply

For us to process your application we need you to: 

  1. complete the street naming and numbering application form (PDF 45KB)
  2. provide any supporting information that will assist us to identify the units e.g. floor plans and site location plan
  3. pay correct fee

We will then consult the emergency services, Royal Mail and any internal departments. This process can take 2-3 weeks to complete. Once completed we will:

  • allocate an official naming and numbering for your development
  • notify you of the addresses
  • inform public utilities, emergency services and relevant services of the official addresses
Function Fee
new building, house or premises name (i.e. Redbridge House or Woodford Flats) £100 each
new addressable units within a building (i.e. flats or offices) £50 each
building and numbering new houses £100 each
changing the name of an existing house or premises £100 each

Example of how to calculate fees

Example 1

If an existing already addressed property (1 Redbridge Street) is converted into 3 flats this would be 3 new units (3 x £50 = £150)

  • flat 1, 1 Redbridge Street
  • flat 2, 1 Redbridge Street
  • flat 3, 1 Redbridge Street

Example 2

If a new building is built that contains 3 separate units this would be 3 new units (3 x £50 = £150) and 1 new building name and/or number (1 x £100) which would total £250.

Break down of example 2
One new building name and/or number 1 Redbridge Street and 3 new addressable units within the building
  • flat 1, 1 Redbridge Street
  • flat 2, 1 Redbridge Street
  • flat 3, 1 Redbridge Street

Example 3

A new building is built for single occupation - this would be 1 new building name and/or number (1 x £100)

1 Redbridge Street


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Street Naming and Numbering

Lynton House - 11th Floor Front,

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