Bin sizes

How much rubbish can my wheelie bin hold?

The smaller bin is equivalent to two large black refuse sacks, the standard bin is equivalent to three large black refuse sacks. You will be able to get more in if you use smaller sacks like peddle bin liners. There is no need to use black sacks in the bins, any size and colour will do.

Need an additional or smaller bin?

In order to make the service as effective as possible we want residents to use the bin provided but also understand some households may need an alternative size. 

Larger bin 

In order to be considered for an additional 180 litre wheelie bin: 

  • There must be 5 or more permanent people living in your household
  • You have 2 or more children in nappies
  • You are producing non-offensive medical waste
  • Larger bins will only be issued to households that are making full use of our recycling collections.  It would be unfair to provide additional rubbish capacity to a household that is not recycling when their neighbours are. You can request as many recycling boxes as you need online. We will monitor your recycling participation.

Please note the additional 180 litre bin can be used alongside your current 180 litre bin. 

Smaller bin

Smaller 140 litre bins will be made available on request. However, householders will be encouraged to keep the 180-litre bin they have had delivered and only put it out for collection when full. 

Please note that a smaller bin replaces the standard 180L bin. 


Request a smaller or additional bin to replace or use alongside your standard 180L bin

 complete our online form

You only need to complete this form once for a smaller or additional bin. 

Your request will then be considered and you will be informed of our decision. Please allow 10 working days for a response to your request.