Recycling collection

Recycling boxes

Unfortunately we are out of stock of recycle boxes at the moment.  Please do not visit the depot for collection. We are STILL currently able to fulfill past orders.

Please note, your recycling can be presented in clear sacks or cardboard boxes (but NOT black sacks please), while we wait for delivery of new stock.


Check your collection day

We offer kerbside recycling collection on the same day as your normal bin collection. 

Check your day of collection



Presenting your recycling

Place your recycling in the blue or black recycling boxes that we provide.  Boxes should be left just within the boundary of your property by 6am on the day of collection.

Cardboard must be flattened and presented inside your existing recycling box.  It may be necessary to cut larger items up to ensure they fit in the box.  

Your recycling can also be presented in clear sacks or cardboard boxes (but NOT black sacks please) while we wait for delivery.

We are expecting delivery of boxes around mid-June.


What goes in your recycling boxes?

Please ensure your recycling is completely free from food, rinsed and squashed to save space in your box. 

Box 1:

  • Food tins, drinks cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic bottles
  • Clean plastic pots, tubs and trays (rinsed, no food, no black plastic)
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Clean aluminium foil, including foil trays (rinsed, no food, scrunch small pieces)

Box 2:

  • Paper
  • Envelopes (including windows)
  • Thin card
  • Thick card (ensure this is folded or cut to fit inside your recycling box)


Please see table below for a full list of what you can and can't recycle in Redbridge. Want to know more about our service? Find out the technical details of waste and recycling in the borough, including what happens to your refuse with our in depth guide.


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