Licensed property register

Check to see if you need a licence for a home you rent out privately

Scheme 3 - 2 Wards

Since 1 November 2023 Selective Scheme 3 has been in operation. This scheme applies to rented properties with postcodes in the Valentines and Ilford Town wards.

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Scheme 4 - 15 Wards

On the 20 December 2023 the Council received approval from central government confirming the designation for Selective Scheme 4. From the 8 April 2024 Selective Scheme 4 will be in force and apply to 15 additional wards in the borough. These wards are: Aldborough, Barkingside, Chadwell, Churchfields, Clementswood, Cranbrook, Fairlop, Goodmayes, Hainault, Loxford, Mayfield, Newbury, Seven Kings, South Woodford, and Wanstead Village.

This scheme requires all landlords or agents of most private rented properties in these areas to apply for a selective property licence. This requirement will begin on Monday 8 April and will cease to have effect on 7 April 2029 or earlier if the Council revokes the scheme under section 60 of the Act. 

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Licensed property register

By law, we must publish a register of licensed private rented properties.

If you are a tenant you can check if the property you are living in has been licensed by searching the register.

Register of Licensed Properties (HMOs and Selectives)

Report your property if you think it isn't licensed or that it doesn't comply with the licensing conditions.

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