Fire safety

Fire safety - impact of Coronavirus

All Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) have been completed for this financial year. The next Fire Risk Assessments are scheduled for June and will consist of a Type 1 survey of communal areas but we will review this mid-May.

Fire Safety Management reviews will cease until further notice. Residents are asked to keep communal areas tidy and free from any fire hazards. Caretakers will be checking these areas.

If you require further information about Fire Management or playgrounds on housing estates please contact John Kempster at 


Fire risk assessments

The following assessments and checklists are intended as guides.  In many cases works are already in progress to improve our buildings from a fire safety viewpoint.



Security grilles or gates over front doors

 Whilst we understand you might want extra security for your home, grilles/gates fitted over front doors are not allowed. They:

  • can make it difficult for you to escape in an emergency
  • slow down emergency services if they need to get to you
  • increase the risk for your neighbours if you live in a block


Storing items on balconies, hallways and landings

If you have a balcony, please keep an eye on what you store on it.  Things like furniture, timber, decorating materials and other flammable materials can significantly increase the fire risk for the block.

Likewise please keep hallways and landings clear in blocks.  Not only can items be combustible but they are also a trip hazard and can block your escape route in the event of an emergency.  Any items found in communal areas will be removed and disposed of; you'll be recharged the cost of us doing this.


Advice from London Fire Brigade

 Please visit the Fire Brigade's website for useful fire safety advice, including how to book a free home fire safety visit.


BBQ Safety

Please visit the London Fire Brigade website for information about how to use BBQ's safely.

Please note the use of any gas BBQ's is strictly prohibited in any communal grounds.