Our teams can help residents affected by flooding. In an emergency call 999 or for help and support call 020 8554 5000. 


Are you in a flood risk area?  

Find out if you are at risk of flooding.


Get flood warnings  

Call the Environment Agency's automated service Floodline on 0345 988 1188 for local flood alerts and warnings. The type talk number for this service is 0345 602 6340.

View current flood warnings for England online.

Sign up for flood warnings in a particular area by phone, email or text message.

You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out the latest on any emergency updates.


River Roding and web cam

River Roding webcam

The camera shows the water level in the River Roding. To refresh the image Press F5 or reload your internet browser.

 Check the River Roding webcam


The gauge shows the level of the water in the river. We use this information and data provided by the Environment Agency to work out the risk of flooding.

  • 1m mark on the gauge - normal conditions
  • 5m - after moderate rainfall upstream
  • 7m and above - after heavy rainfall
  • 2m or higher – at these levels our Multi Agency Flood Plan ( link) will be activated at the appropriate level in consultation with the Environment Agency. The last time the river rose to this level was in February 2009.  

From time to time the camera could experience technical difficulties and may appear not to be working. The cameras can also move and point in different directions. If the camera isn't working as expected, we do apologise, our operators will be aware and working to fix any problems.


for advice on:

  • how to prepare for a flood - make a flood plan
  • improve your flood protection
  • what to do during and after a flood
  • insurance

Read flooding: advice for the public  and check the flooding information pages on GOV.UK


Flooded gardens 

Advice on how to clean up and manage your garden after it has been flooded


Flood insurance

Help  and advice with getting insurance in flood risk areas, find a specialist broker and what to if you can’t get insurance


Flood wardens are local residents who check their neighbours are aware of the threat from river flooding. Flood wardens will get flood warning messages from the Environment Agency.

Flood wardens also:

  • offer advice to neighbours
  • are involved in public meetings about flooding issues 
  • identify and support vulnerable members of the community
  • provide feedback to us and the Environment Agency about local flooding issues 
  • provide vital information during flood events e.g. information on blocked culverts.

How to volunteer as a flood warden?

Call 03708 506 506, or email enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk


The preliminary flood risk assessment is from  Flood Risk Regulations 2009

The Redbridge Local Flood Risk Management Strategy is from the Flood and Water Management Act 2010


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