Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)

If you are issued with an on the spot Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), money is never taken at the scene, Enforcement Officers do not take payments.  The FPN's they issue will tell you how you can pay.  Our officers can also explain the payment options if further explanation is required.


Pay a Fixed Penalty Notice

You can make a card payment online.

Pay FPN now

You can send a cheque (made payable to The London Borough of Redbridge) to the below address, please ensure you include the FPN reference number so it is clear which FPN is being paid:

Redbridge Enforcement Team
Civic Pride
PO BOX 2265

If you refuse to pay the FPN you will be prosecuted for the offence.  If you do not pay the FPN within the specified time stated on the FPN and the matter goes to Magistrates’ Court, you could then incur more costs.  Paying an FPN on time means we cannot take prosecution action against you for the offence.


Disputing a Fixed Penalty Notice

While there is no legal right of appeal to a Fixed Penalty Notice, you can query an FPN in the form of a ‘representation’.

Representations will not be considered on the basis that:

  • you did not know the law
  • you did not know the law was being enforced
  • it was the first time you committed the offence
  • you have always done this and never received a penalty or warning before
  • you believe the officer issuing the FPN was rude or did not behave appropriately

You cannot make a representation based on the behaviour of the Enforcement Officer.  If you wish to make a complaint about the conduct or behaviour of an officer you should visit our complaints page.  We will process the complaint separately to the FPN representation. You are still liable to prosecution if you don't pay the FPN on time.

If you have been issued an FPN by LA Support Ltd and this FPN is a 9 digit number please note you cannot make a representation here and must email 

Please note if your FPN was issued by LA Support and you incorrectly make a representation to the Redbridge Enforcement Team you will not receive a response.

Make a representation