Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) does not just make life unpleasant, it holds back the regeneration of disadvantaged areas and creates an environment where more serious crime can take place.

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour can be anything from but is not limited to:


Report noise or anti-social behaviour

You can notify us of current, historic, on-going or recurring anti-social behaviour and noise issues online via our ASB Report It form.

Report Anti-social Behaviour 

It may help if you supply us with an A.S.B. diary, recording the dates, times and other details of the nuisance over a 2-week period.

We do not deal with excessive noise in the street or drug use. The use and dealing of drugs is a criminal offence and should be reported to the Police.

You can report these issues to the police by calling 101.

To report other issues, including fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles and other environmental problems, please use our Report It function.

Report It

 Further information on improving our environment can be found on Our Neighbourhood Teams page.

There are no by-laws specifically banning or controlling bonfires. However frequent bonfires can cause a nuisance to neighbours.

To qualify as a nuisance a bonfire has to be a recurring problem and must interfere substantially with nearby residents' well-being, comfort or enjoyment of their property.

More information on bonfires can be found on our Environmental Health Pages.

To report a noise issue and for more information, please visit our Noise Nuisance page.

Measures we can take

There are a number of measures available to the Community Protection Team including:

  • interviewing people
  • issuing warning letters
  • obtaining Parenting Orders and Individual Support Orders
  • serving Noise Abatement Notices
  • issuing Civil Injunctions
  • issuing Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBO's)
  • issuing Community Protection Notices (CPN's)
  • introducing and enforcing Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO's)
  • obtaining and executing Closure Orders
  • prosecuting for breach of a Noise Abatement Notice
  • obtaining a warrant from the magistrates to seize and removing all noise making equipment
  • starting possession proceedings against Council tenants
  • using contractors to disable alarms and recharging the owner for the costs
  • requesting licensing reviews


Public spaces protection orders (PSPO)

We use Public Spaces Protection Orders to control behaviour that is either having, or is likely to have a harmful effect on a local communities quality of life.


Drugs offences

The use and dealing of drugs is a criminal offence and should be reported to the Police. The Community Protection Team will work closely with the Police and other partner agencies to deal with any such criminal activity.


Community trigger

What is a community trigger?

Community trigger enables you to ask us to review the responses to your complaints of anti-social behaviour if you believe that they have not been satisfactorily resolved. This includes responses provided by registered social landlords who operate in the area.  

The trigger ensures that partner agencies work together to try to resolve a complaint of anti-social behaviour. Partner agencies are expected to do this by talking about the problem, sharing information and acting together to direct their resources to resolve the complaint.

The trigger does not replace individual organisations’ complaints procedures. Neither does it deny your opportunity to complain to the Ombudsman or Independent Police Complaints Commission.

How do residents 'trigger'?

Anyone can create a 'trigger', although the following criteria have to be met:

If an individual has complained to Redbridge Council, Metropolitan Police Service and/or a Registered Social Landlord 3 times about separate incidents in the last 6 months. The applicant will need to provide details of each time they have contacted a relevant agency, to whom (name, organisation and/or Incident reference number) and information about the incident.

If a resident has an ongoing complaint that is being dealt with by one of the partner agencies, then the case is not appropriate for the community trigger process.

Make your trigger 

Applications to the community trigger process can be made by completing the online community trigger application form



In the first instance to make a complaint about how your response to a report on anti-social behaviour has been handled, please submit a community trigger. If you wish to make another complaint about the service, please follow the corporate complaints process.

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