Fleas pre-treatment preparation

We reserve the right to decline to carry out the treatment if we believe that it may be unsafe to access or treat the area. If any of these steps are not followed the treatment will be compromised.

Before treatment

The following preparation to the property is required prior to treatment:

  1. Any infested cats must have been treated for fleas
  2. Cover and seal up any fish tanks
  3. All furniture such as wardrobes and cupboards if practicable must be moved away from the wall to enable spraying
  4. All floors and areas to be treated must be clear of any items with all floors vacuumed, (please ensure you vacuum thoroughly along the skirting) and the bag or contents of the vacuum cleaner to be emptied
  5. All electrical equipment, cables and wiring to be covered with plastic bags if not removed.


After treatment

  1. You must leave the property during the treatment and remain outside sprayed areas for at least 4 hours to enable to applied insecticide to dry and to avoid inhalation of any mist. If you re-enter the premises before, the treatment will be compromised.
  2. You must not hoover or wash down any non-food preparation surfaces for a period of two weeks after the treatment was carried out
  3. No re-visits will be undertaken within the first two weeks after the initial treatment is carried out
  4. If you require a revisit this must be carried out within one month of the initial treatment.
  5. There is a warranty period of four weeks from the last date of treatment

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