Street Cleaning

Team sweeping of residential streets takes place every two weeks on a rolling programme. However, if you have a street orderly working in your area, your road will be swept each week

Daily cleaning

There are areas that are usually cleaned every day:

  • high roads
  • streets near schools
  • major shopping parades

Cleaning estates and private roads

If an estate or development has been adopted by the Council then we will clean these too. These are also cleaned once a week.

If the streets are private then we do not clean them.  It is the responsibility of the developer or managing agent.

Roads we clean less often

We are responsible for clearing litter from the parts of the major road network managed by TfL that fall within that our boundary.

Trunk roads in Redbridge:

  • A1400, Woodford Avenue (from Gants Hill Roundabout to Charlie Brown’s Roundabout)
  • A12, Eastern Avenue from the Borough boundary with Barking and Dagenham, just before the junction with Whalebone Lane, up to The Green Man Roundabout in Wanstead.  Waltham Forest has responsibility for litter clearance on the Green Man roundabout itself
  • A406, North Circular Road from the Waterworks Roundabout on and off slips - to the off and on slips at Ilford Hill, at the junction with A118
  • Waltham Forest has responsibility for litter on the roundabout itself

We do not have responsibility for the part of the A406 known as the Barking Relief Road in the direction of the A13. 


Fallen Leaves

Our street cleansing crews will sweep up a high volume of leaves between October and December, the autumn to early winter months,  focusing on the streets with the most trees around the borough. With over 21,000 street trees in Redbridge, the council's street cleansing staff will be suspending their normal sweeping schedules to make sure the streets with the most leaf-fall are cleared. Residents with compost bins can help by collecting leaves from outside their homes and composting them for their garden.

Residents can also help by not sweeping leaves from their gardens, drives or pavements into the road, as this may block the gullies and could cause flooding. If residents see a build-up of leaves, they can report it.


Report litter or leaves in the street

Make a report about litter

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