Recycling for Communal Properties

This page is for residents who live in an area where bins are communal.

Where possible, we provide recycling services to these properties via large bins for card, paper, mixed glass, cans and plastic bottles.

What can I recycle?

Communal sites have two types of recycling bins.

Mixed recycling bin

You can recycle:

  • plastic bottles (no other type of plastic, anything shaped as a bottle only)
  • tins
  • cans
  • container glass
  • Plastic food packaging pots, tubs and trays

Paper and cardboard bin

You can recycle:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • brochures
  • directories
  • junk mail
  • envelopes (windowed and non-windowed)
  • letters
  • flattened card
  • cardboard

Recycling guidelines

  • do not leave recycling on or next to the bin as this causes mess and litter as well as being awkward to empty for the crew
  • if the bins are frequently full, we may be able to provide bigger bins where possible - please contact your landlord/site management
  • flatten cardboard boxes to save space in the bin
  • rinse and squash bottles, tins and cans to save space and smells in the bins
  • spread the word about the facilities to your neighbours
  • be mindful of access for collections when parking your car, report problems to your managing agent
  • only recycle the materials listed above, adding other materials contaminates the load as we cannot process them

I live in a flat above a shop - how do I recycle?

We are unable to provide facilities for flats above shops due to collection access issues. If you live in a property above a shop we are happy to provide you with a reusable bag.

Click here to find your nearest public recycling site on a map

Requesting facilities

If you don't have recycling facilities, please request your Managing Agent (we need their approval to proceed) to contact the Cleansing Team or call the Customer Contact Centre on 020 8554 5000 with the full address of the property; without it we will not be able to deal with your request. We will conduct a site visit and proceed if a suitable location can be found.