Mayors award winners

We had some brilliant nominations for this year’s Mayor’s Community Awards, and we can now reveal the winners for 2020 – and what a deserving group they are!

The annual awards recognise individuals or groups who have gone that extra mile to give back to their local community, whether its devoting time and effort to care for others, or showing their civic pride by supporting the borough to create a safer environment.

This year's awards have happened a bit differently than usual, due to the pandemic, The Mayor’s Community Awards 2020 was due to take place in March but we sadly had to cancel because of this. 

We were hoping to reschedule the evening, but at the present time and with the restrictions in place, this has not been possible.   We have been really excited to share with you the winners so have decided to share with you online.


Mayor's Community Award 2020 winners

Best Business Contribution to the Community

Winner: Tangerine Catering

Finalists: St Francis Hospice Shop, (Ilford), Sainsbury's (Woodford) and Cambridge Nursing Home

Caring for others in Redbridge

Winner: Individual award - Pooja Parmar

Finalists: Aida Iqbal, Elsa Arnold

Winner: Organisation award - Jewish Care's Redbridge Supportive Community Tea Parties

Finalist: Organisation award - Redbridge Food Bank

Contribution in Support of Young People

Joint Winners:  Individual award – Denise Taylor & Faheem Khan – (2 trophies)

Finalists: Nicki Moroney, Cara Jane Lynch, Kenny Elliott

Winner: Organisation award - Frenford Club

Creating a Safer Redbridge

Winner: David Landau

Finalists: Clare Patterson, Kartik Parekh, Eamonn Lorrimer, Ruthba Amin

Taking Pride in Redbridge

Winner: Organisation award - Chadwell Heath South Residents Association

Winner: Individual award - Shilpa Patel

Finalists: Sue Bass, Sue Brunger

Neighbourhood Community Champion

Winner:  Individual – Bushra Tahir

Finalists: Shamik Ghosh, Graham Nygate, Suzie Harnett

Winner: Organisation award – Loxford & Clementswood Residents Association

Finalists: Sub officers Jim Jobson, Ally Warnock & Casey Moroney

Young Citizen Award

Winner: Hannah Chowdhry

Finalists: Adarsh Ramchurn, Rosie Cassidy, Aaiza Arshad, Vanessa Madu

The Mayor’s Special Award

Winner: Loxford and Clementswood Residents Association



Best Business Contribution to the Community

Sponsored by the State Bank of India.  This award recognises a business or individuals that have given something back to the local community.  

St Francis Hospice Shop

Saint Francis Hospice store in Ilford does far more than just selling for profit, it’s a community hub for local people, open 7 days a week.  This business also gives people the opportunity of buying preloved items they couldn’t otherwise afford.    Loneliness and isolation has a huge impact on people, especially following a bereavement; the staff and volunteers in this store give people a sense of security and belonging knowing there is always a listening ear.

This business also contributes to the local environment; people donate their unwanted goods therefore keeping tons of textiles out of rubbish landfills.

Local people can volunteer, many speak little English, this business gives opportunities to improve their language and communication skills, for many this has led to permanent employment.  Another idea was to transform this charity store into a £1 shop, resulting in a weekly income of £4,500.  This contributes to the cost of having our Hospice at Home nurses caring for people in Redbridge enabling people the choice to die at home.    Another innovation is the use of posting on Ebay, Our staff and volunteers identify items as being valuable therefore raising far more money.  This business, and its people, are an inspiration.

Cambridge Nursing Home 

Cambridge Nursing Home is a care home for 47 residents from the community. Local recruitment is encouraged with all staff coming from within 1 mile of LBR. They have a Refer a Friend scheme to encourage community referrals. They encourage a two-way community connection. They host Hartbeeps (a baby group for the public) monthly, have connections with the Spreading Kindness through E11 incentive, Our Lady of Lourdes Church and Primary School,  Yoga classes are also delivered by a local teacher. They have raised over £7,000 for charities including Redbriege based charities; ELHAP and Women In Need (based in South Woodford).

Tangerine Catering

For over a year Tangerine Catering in Ilford, has supplied the Welcome Project a Day Centre for those who are homeless, destitute and socially isolated, with their surplus sandwiches, salads & hot rolls that they have not sold.  Rather than throw them away they sought out the Welcome Project, so that others in the community who are less fortunate could benefit from this lovely fresh food.  3 days a week we are able to collect the unsold goods and give them out to clients.  We also understand that for the other 2 days of the week the sandwiches go to another community group which also helps those who are socially isolated.  The staff that work there are so pleasant and kind and are very keen for us to collect, sometimes phoning to remind us to come.  The clients very much enjoy the sandwiches and we are grateful that this business in Redbridge is doing their part in helping us to support those who are homeless, destitute and socially isolated.

Sainsbury’s South Woodford

During Sainsbury's celebration of 150 years, the store staff volunteered to help The Salvation Army in South Woodford with 150 hours of volunteer work. They planted new flowers in the garden, cleaned the car park, put up a new boarding outside in the play area and painted a new picture on it. They cleaned the carpet and Parent & Toddler toys. Individuals have helped in the Lunch Club and Parent & Toddler groups every week. They organised a BBQ fun afternoon where the community was invited to attend.


Neighbourhood / Community Champion Award

Sponsored by Raffingers Accountants   

Graham Nygate

Graham, supported by his wife Laurel, works tirelessly and selflessly for the good of the Community.  Under the “Fareshare Scheme” Graham does regular evening collections from numerous local supermarkets, picking up unsold produce and then assists in the redistribution of the food to needy people across Redbridge.  Graham delivers food from the Chabad Centre kitchens, and other kosher food distribution centres, to those who are unable to prepare their own meals and he is always happy to spend time chatting to the recipients.  Graham is an invaluable help to the Gants Hill Chabad Lubavitch Centre (a registered Charity which services hundreds of Redbridge Jewish residents) by always making himself available to collect any essential supplies.  He also co-founded the Chabad Events Team – a fundraising group which organises events that raise thousands of pounds in support of the Centre. Graham is exhaustively active in organising these events and nothing is ever too much trouble for him.  Graham also helps run a weekly Senior Citizens Club within the Borough, which services up to 100 people. It would be wonderful to see Graham’s dedication and commitment rewarded in this way because, indeed, he is a man who always says “yes”.


Bushra Tahir

Bushra is an amazing person helping the community especially the senior citizen women bringing them together most are lonely isolated cultural women. Bushra has organised wonderful activities and outings for many women it really makes a difference of being included in society and pleasure to a senior persons life.  God bless her for all her good work she does.

Bushra is because she is an incredible woman. She has done so much for the women of the Redbridge Community. It does not matter what background or culture you come from Bushra always goes above and beyond to help those in need. By organising charity events to day trips, Bushra is always looking to help members of the community better their lives. I regularly attend Bushra's charity events and they are always a huge success. Bushra has one motto in life and that is to help the women of Redbridge which she does with a open heart. .  She is always working together with her team to provide new projects e.g creative writing, yoga , fitness for health, flower arrangements etc she is a true community champion.   Women attending these sections are empowered and feel confident and happy with their achievements. This also encourages them to share their skills in their daily lifestyles.


Shamik Ghosh

Mr Ghosh as an approachable person and has in many ways exceeding the requirements and expectations for the award.  Whether it is for the Neighbourhood/Community or School,  Mr Ghosh has always shows an interest in resolving issues as best he can.  As an example,  This year my daughter was attacked and my pet dog was killed by another unleashed dog in our local childrens park. Despite not living near our house or knowing us personally, as soon as he heard our story he reached out to us and acted as a pillar of support when we needed guidance the most. Regardless of his own personal commitments he tirelessly spread the message to others, crossed boundaries to speak to councillors and other higher bodies to bring justice to us and was always available to answer our calls whatever the time. He did not stop for months and he truly believed in the safety of our community's children if this dog was still loose. For his endless commitment to us all I believe that he should receive this award.  He has also helped with safety matters such as speed humps, traffic islands and zebra crossings in our community.    He actively champions residents and local issues ranging from missed garbage collection, litter, fly-tipping, victims of crime.  Last year, when River Roding had a severe flood warning, he rallied residents together, helping residents living near the river, organising volunteers who were on stand-by if water entered houses.


Suzi Harnett

I have known Suzi for 8 years, she is the Wanstead community person. She manages the Facebook group called "Wanstead Community Hub" which has over 6262 active members and over 6000 people waiting to join the hub. This group was created in 5 September 2012 and she has dedicated her time to support the community, families with children and local businesses. She states, "my hub is within the community for the community".   She allows all local businesses within the community to promote their businesses on the hub and as a result a lot of businesses have been successful in gaining additional customers. This has also promoted their sales.  She has always dedicated her time to support the families who have experienced difficult times.  She is the most passionate person who is continuously supporting local events especially the Wanstead Fringe which takes place every September. She also actively supports local fundraising events and allows them to advertise on the hub.


Loxford & Clementswood Residents Association

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB ) , drugs and prostitution were rife in and around Ilford Lane. Safety was serious concern for the residents.The residents found this situation unbearable.  Eamonn with the support of Clare and few other local residents got together and rejuvenated the defunct residents association (Loxford and Clementswood Residents Association).

The Leadership of the Residents Association recognised the need for " working together " with the council, police, and other agencies to consider solutions to deal with residents’ concerns. This collaborative working / initiative brought positive results for the area including extra funding from the Home Office and the council. This lead to effective enforcement.  Thanks to Leadership of Eamonn, Clare and his Team and many community spirited local residents.    


Firefighters James Jobson, Ally Warnock & Casey Maroney

James, Ally & Casey, three fire-fighter's have been raising money for a number of years.  The money they raise is used predominantly for young people who are going through difficult times or families that have very ill children that require specialist treatment or equipment.  They find people in need within the Redbridge area and within the boundary of where their fire station covers.  Over the years they have helped many families either by contributing to what they require or purchasing outright.  These fire-fighter's have never asked for recognition or ever been recognized for the silent work they have done over a number of years. I would like them to get a little praise for the silent work they do and the effort they put into helping others in Redbridge.


Making a Greener Redbridge/Taking Pride.

Sue Brunger

Sue consistently and regularly litter sweeps in the road where she lives and the surrounding area.  Sue always keeps me updated of any fly tipping etc so that I can action it's clearance and is totally dedicated and committed to improving their environment and keeping it clean and free from litter. Sue deserves recognition for their work that has been ongoing for quite a few years, just doing what they can for their area without looking for any reward.

The Chadwell Heath South Residents Association

Chadwell Heath residents were wary of trying to tackle the anti-social and criminal behaviour in their local area. With support from the Neighbourhood Street Scene Team, they organised a community clear up day and cleared 20 bags of green waste and litter. They lowered hedging which has got rid of drugs and litter from the garden.  A community planting day followed on the 28th of September 2019. The group secured £300 worth of plants from a local nursery and support from TFL. Wangey Road Gardens now has a 64-year-old resident gardener, a carpenter and a rota of watering buddies. The group has rejuvenated the area and residents are happier, safer and more engaged.

For the past two years, their lead resident Rama has been working tirelessly to bring cinema back to Chadwell Heath after launching a project to acquire and restore the Embassy Cinema - an 85-year old Art Deco local landmark.   The group are constantly working on ways to develop the area, from devising a strategy for fundraising, forging partnerships with various local organisations and authorities.

Shilpa Patel

Shilpa has led the Commonwealth Gardeners group as community gardeners to look after the Redbridge Central Library planters and Chadwick Road garden. She has coordinated with Redbridge Council and the Library, organised work sessions, and procured tools and plants.  Her work is outstanding with the results clear to see, she is dedicated and committed and without her the area would most certainly be a drearier place.

Sue Bass

Sue is an excellent ambassador for taking pride in Redbridge.  Sue continually makes it her daily task of continually picking up liter and keeping her area tidy as as litter free as possible.   Sue looks after the entire Laing Estate area and onto New North Road.  This is a daily occurrence and many residents have commented on the excellent work and commitment of Sue.


Contribution in support of young people award

Sponsored by the London School of Management Education. 

Faheem Khan

Faheem Khan is a teacher at Woodbridge High in Redbridge and this year launched a social enterprise that works with young people, many of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds.  He invited students from all 18 Redbridge Secondary Schools to apply and had over 300 applications! Students in receipt of Free Schools Meals, in care/care leavers or the first in their family to aspire to university were given priority.  A main focus of the programme is Fundamental British Values and how to stay safe from the different types of exploitation and extremism. In teaching the young people about the importance of democracy and being empowered citizens, Faheem has organised trips to Parliament, Whitehall, Snaresbrook Crown Court, London City Hall and Redbridge Town Hall for the group. He also arranged for the the local MP, a Judge, the police, representatives from Oxford and Cambridge and BME, female and LGBT leaders in industry to come speak to the group. The feedback from students has been hugely positive and they report they are now much more confident on how to keep themselves and others in Redbridge safe from all types of exploitation and that they feel inspired to apply to top universities, despite some of their disadvantaged backgrounds. The group has also attended a lecture on Social Mobility at the London School of Economics and on Free Speech at Queen Mary University. The group meets every Tuesday evening for inspiring workshops. They group have also done team building and networking trips such as laser tag and escape rooms, helping build supporting peer networks for Redbridge youth. The programme has also been praised by Oxford University for raising the aspirations of students across Redbridge. Faheem continues to give up his time to add significant value to the life chances of our students in Redbridge and should be celebrated for this.


Nicki Maroney

Nicki has played a vital role in the local community over many years. She has run a very popular weekly story time session at Aldersbrook library for over 20 years. Nicki does a great job bringing the stories to life with props and soft toys – entertaining babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers alike. As a professional speech therapist, Nicky brings particular skills to the story time which benefit all those who attend and participate.   In addition to the weekly story time, Nicky also runs a Saturday tap class for young people. Children aged 6-16 learn tap and songs from musicals together. Nicky puts a lot of emphasis on encouraging the children to help and learn from each other. Nicky also organises an annual tap concert where the children perform and raise several hundred pounds each year for the Richard House Children’s Hospice.  It is no exaggeration to say that hundreds of children have benefitted from Nicky’s story time and tap sessions. Both have been crucial to build a strong community, as well as developing children’s reading and musical skills, boosting children’s confidence and helping develop lifelong friendships.

Kenny Elliott

My son Kenny is 15.  Kenny is on the autistic spectrum. Kenny faces many challenges at school anxiety being one of them.  Kenny is passionate in raising awareness for autism.  Recently Kenny spoke to his class and told them that he is autistic telling them the challenge he faces.   During August Kenny abseiled down Broadgate Tower for the National Autistic society raising money to help people with autism . Broadgate Tower is 541ft so I think he is very brave in doing so.  Kenny has also written a short article for the National Autistic society and is on their webpage. I have also recently nominated my son to be on the London BBC greater Londoners instagram page  .I nominated Kenny for doing some thing great in his community, this has been a positive experience as Kenny has raised even more awareness for Autisim. Kenny had a short interview with the camera man from the BBC and is now on the Greater Londoners instagram page. Kenny has shown great awareness to all young people well done son.

Denise Tailor

Denise has been a committed member of the Ilford Scouts team for nearly 37 years. During that time, she's helped coach, support and empower countless young people in the Beavers, Cubs and Scout groups providing a weekly dose of fun and entertainment.  Whether it be learning basic cooking skills, making Christmas cards or growing herbs from seed, Denise engages with her group of young people week after week, year after year, with interesting and varied programmes of activities that are exciting as well as ensuring they are equipped with Skills for Life.  As part of the 2nd Ilford North section, based at St Lawrence Church Hall in Barkingside, Denise devotes a huge amount of her time (when not working part-time in a local school) to running the weekly sessions, organising trips and camps away, as well as supporting new volunteers and Leaders (to keep the Scouting movement alive and kicking for future generations).  She is an incredibly dedicated individual and is always willing to help. Speaking both as a parent of a child she spent time with in Cubs, and as a new Scout Leader myself, Denise has been unfaltering in her support, guidance, and kindness. A true unsung hero of our local community.

Cara Jane Lynch

Recently featured in the local press, I believe Cara-Jane should receive this award.   Cara-jane was a former pupil in Redbridge College and wants to make a difference!   In 2018, she decided to design and implement GROW (Girls realising Opportunities Within) for New City College Redbridge, specifically targeting girls that would benefit from the project. She delivered life coaching sessions about self-esteem, confidence and limiting beliefs throughout the 6-month project, run once a week.  Grow was created to empower young women and enable them to understand and develop self-love and self-acceptance. Twelve young females took part in the programme and they heard from inspiring female speakers who had faced challenges and overcame them.   Using life coaching techniques, students were given tasks to get them out of their comfort zone. Through feedback, Cara-Jane said the participants, aged 16-19, increased their confidence by 50% !

As a result, she won the Jack Petchey Leaders Award for her work contributing to the well-being of the young females.

Frenford Clubs

Frenford clubs are a true stand out in the provision of youth work and youth activities in Redbridge. Not only do they offer a great range of sporting and arts activities, they supplement this work by having educational programmes and volunteering opportunities that support the development of young people.   

They run an open access service and their substantial facilities are always available for young people to use for low cost. I am told that they now have over 4000 young people using their facilities per year, with 2640 attending each month.   I believe that they often go unrecognized within the borough as they do not self-promote effectively enough. This is a shame, as I truly believe that they are one of the most stand out organizations within the borough and deserving of an award.

Caring for others in Redbridge Award

Sponsored by the State Bank of India.   

Elsa Arnold

Elsa is an inspiring 17 year old who has contributed a huge amount to the community. Whilst studying for her A Levels at Wanstead High School, she is also an active campaigner against bullying and loneliness. This has seen her develop some amazing local campaigns to promote kindness in the community over the last couple of years. This included workshops across Wanstead generating hundreds of messages promoting kindness. She has worked with local schools and uniformed groups to promote kindness. Most recently she has organised for children to make gifts and cards for older people in a local old people's home which she helped distribute with local children much to the delight of the residents. She also organises for musicians from her school to participate in a range of community events including a recent carols and cake event for older people. Her work has inspired so many people and is an important reminder of the importance of taking care of each other and valuing personal relationships. She also helps out with children's lessons at a local tennis club and helps national charities campaigning against bullying. We're all very proud of her work and the difference she's made in our community.

Pooja Parmar

Pooja, has been supporting the Welcome Project in Ilford by way of coming in to cook up to 50 delicious meals at a time for our homeless and destitute clients.  She has done so many amazing things to support the work that we do with homeless people as she says she wants to help anyway that she can.    During the year Pooja also enlisted her family to volunteer at the Welcome Project.    Pooja arranged a collection with her friend and family and raised £500, she organised then matched funded the amount and also contributed more for the hours that she had volunteered at the project.  Pooja has enlisted her mum, dad, sisters and aunties who have provided regular means at the project throughout the year.  Pooja, even arranged for a group of mums at her son's school to come and cook a meal on Valentine’s Day – that was very special and the clients felt loved.  Pooja, is caring and really concerned what happens to those who are homeless.  She has been an absolute inspiration to us and also other people in her family, who have joined forces to ensure that homeless people are shown love, respect, care and support.

Abida Iqbal

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award than Abida Iqbal. Abida has dedicated her entire life to volunteering for various organisations in the Redbridge community. She has exemplified what it means to be a model citizen by giving her life to helping others and following her passion for creating a better community for us all.   Abida’s biggest feat to date is the creation of the Redbridge Disabled Women’s Welfare Association charity that is targeted at supporting isolated and vulnerable women and girls in Redbridge. The organisation has been running successfully for 26 years with a focus on supporting the elderly and alone as well as those who struggle with both mental and physical health. The group has been champions in supporting the belief of “love, peace and unity” which was especially displayed in their BBC broadcasted peace rallies.  For many of these women, the association has saved their lives.

Jewish Care's Redbridge Community Tea Parties

Jewish Care's Redbridge Tea Parties have been running for six years, these are for isolated, elderly members of the community, offering the opportunity to socialise, make friends and feel part of the community.  This proactive group of volunteer coordinators, hosts and drivers has been running since 2013, throughout this time they have remained committed – often going above and beyond, always happy to help.  Visiting guests who are unwell and helping in other ways if needed. Jewish Care's  Redbridge Tea Parties would not take place without these dedicated volunteers, they are always there to listen and offer words of encouragement and support.  Coordinators work tirelessly ensuring hosts are appointed, drivers allocated, and guests invited, they regularly speak to guests ensuring they can attend the teas and have transport.  These calls are not just a five-minute conversation more often a longer chat and catch up – for some, this is the only call they receive all week or month.   Hosts even open their own homes for around 14 guests and provide a lovely tea, being invited is something guests look forward to, the atmosphere is uplifting, guests enjoy being in such a warm friendly environment. Drivers pick up guests from their homes, during these journeys they have gotten to know each other very well, they stay for tea building relationships with the guests giving them a sense of friendship and community.

Redbridge Foodbank

Redbridge Foodbank provides service to thousands of families in crisis in Redbridge, who truly rely on their services.  They provide food parcels as well as debt counselling to members of the community. Last year  alone they helped over 6,000 families, which is quite staggering.  They are friendly, approachable and overall do a fantastic job.


Creating a Safer Redbridge

Sponsored by Raffingers Accountants.

Clare Patterson/Eamonn Lorrimer & Ruthba Amin

Clare, Eamonn & Ruthba have been instrumental in encouraging over 50 residents in Loxford and Clementswood ward to sign up to the Streetwatch scheme.   They have patrolled the streets and flagged up issues for the police, SNT and Council to resolve.  They have also been fully committed in setting up the Loxford and Clementswood Residents Association.  Clare and Eamonn are  a small handful of residents that have changed Ilford Lane in recent months to become somewhere safer and better to live and created a sense of community spirit.  Ruthba led on the Clean Up Ilford Lane campaign which went viral in 2019 and brought together residents and politicians across Loxford and Clementswood wards and wider. The campaign and ensuing activity led to a visible improvement to street prostitution in Ilford Lane.


David Landau

David has been a tower of strength in the campaign against discrimination, racism and hate crime in Redbridge, and in working to develop community cohesion and reduce tensions across the borough over the last twenty years – helping to make Redbridge a safer community. He has fronted Redbridge Equalities and Community Council, engaging stakeholders with passion and commitment on equalities and hate crime. David’s current project, Community Against Hate Crime, has him supporting victims of hate crime, training and deploying a Community Witness and Support Team, raising awareness through speaking to schools, clubs and faith groups, and exporting this approach to neighbouring boroughs. He has almost single-handedly put Redbridge on the hate crime map and is in much demand by others to inform and educate on this issue.  He also runs the Redbridge Equalities Forum, bringing together people and organisations with an interest in equalities, brings his experience and expertise to a wide range of groups and committees, and provides personal support and help to individual clients where he can.  David retires in summer 2020. He remains a committed, infectious and inspirational advocate for the rights and dignity of victims of discrimination. He has made an indelible mark on Redbridge.


Kartik Parekh

Kartik has been lobbying Redbridge Police since July this year to conduct a police operation in Gants Hill. He has been tirelessly liaising with a number of senior officers from superintendent to sergeant to accomplish this and was successful. As a direct result of his efforts the police performed this in November - resulting in one arrest. Kartik does a lot for the local community, he has organised and chaired two meetings this year: one in March on the Gants Hill Hub Development where residents were able to raise their concerns on things like crime to GLA member for Redbridge and another in April on the Goodmayes Tesco Development where he arranged for Mark Glazer (Chairman of Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch) to speak. As well as arranging/chairing meetings he also attends the Redbridge Safer Neighbourhood Board and in my opinion is a vital bridge to the local community relaying important information from this meeting. Kartik has created a website which he updates periodically with information related to neighbourhood and borough wide crime which helps me to keep abreast of these issues. There is also a lot of practical information on the website to help residents be safer in their home.


Recorder/Redbridge Rotary Club Young Citizen Award

Sponsored by the Ilford Recorder and Redbridge Rotary.

The nominees and winners have already been announced by the Ilford Recorder / Rotary club however the winners were:

Hannah Chowdhry

15, was presented with the award, set up in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff on July 15 by HM Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan, Morfudd Meredith.

She started a campaign when she just seven which led to the installation of a £50,000 mammoth skull replica in Redbridge Museum, and later, at secondary school. Hannah started another which led to the creation of a borough-wide reporting portal to help map drug-related crime.

She has been a long-term campaigner against knife crime and now sits on a youth reference panel for the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime.

At 13 she had already become a volunteer and campaigner for the British Pakistani Christian Association. Hannah said: "I hope that the association with them [Diana Award] will help me grow my causes, one way or the other receiving their award was a real boost reminding me that my effort to do my part for a better world is not always being missed."

A monthly winner will be chosen from the nominees, the finalists will be invited to the Mayor's Community Awards night in March and the overall winner will be announced. The winner will receive £100 from Redbridge Rotary Club and will, along with the runner-up, go through to the national Young Citizens final run by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland.


Adarsh Ramchurn

18, is among 13 students to be paired with major charities for the study-apprenticeship programme aimed at creating a new generation of charity leaders.

Degree apprentices split their time between university study and the workplace, and are employed throughout their studies by the charity.

Adarsh has been paired with the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) and he's kicked off his placement writing a blog about getting BAME people into leadership roles.

Other charities which have signed up to take on the degree apprentices include WaterAid, Alzheimer's Society, Action for Children and the Scouts, which have co-designed the curriculum.

Adarsh said: "I hope that Ilford becomes better in terms of the way we treat each other. I hope we can try to reduce knife crime and youth violence as much as possible and improve education for young people.

"Also, we don't talk about it much, but lots of people get kicked out of school. There should be better support for them. I knew a guy from school who got excluded and life has been really difficult for him afterwards. It's had a knock-on effect on his career and aspirations. You should always want the best for other people.

"We need more awareness of the consequences of your actions - we need to career-orient people. If people know that they could be doing the career they want, they will be less likely to fall into bad habits.

"My goal is to inspire everyone, but especially Asian people. I feel like there are groups of us who are settled to just do the norm, not to push yourself to achieve great things, because a lot of Asian people have the perception that you won't get to the top.

"I want to change that mentality and inspire people to do good things."

The first of its kind, the programme aims to encourage talent to the social sector, and gives apprentices zero student debt, up to four year's work experience, a competitive salary and a potentially guaranteed job at the end of their degree.


The Mayor’s special award

Loxford & Clementswood Residents Group

I wanted to ensure that my special award was awarded to an individual or an organisation who achieved a long term impact either in an area,  or in a Community.

I believe the Loxford and Clementswood Residents Association deserved this award for their outstanding achievement by working with our wonderful and dedicated Redbridge Enforcement Team and the local Police to eliminate the prostitution from Ilford Lane which had continued for almost a decade.    I thank its three founder members, Eamonn Lorimer, Clare Patterson and Linda Speed.  The local community is extremely grateful to all of you, REO and the Police.

I would like to thank sponsors for their contribution for the successes of this Mayors Award event.


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