Tips to Reduce your Emissions

Reduce your emissions at home

A quarter of the average household’s carbon footprint comes from the energy we use in our homes. In Redbridge, we know that 56% of the borough’s emissions originate from our buildings and of this 75% arise from our homes. Small changes to the way you use energy and water can make a big difference to the size of your bills and reduce your impact on the environment. Some ideas include;

  • Request a smart meter from your energy company so you can keep an eye on your use of energy
  • Purchase Green Energy
  • Don't leave electrical items like TVs, computers, games consoles and phone chargers on standby
  • Buy ‘AA’ or ‘A’ rated energy efficiency products: find out more on the Energy Savings Trust website
  • Turn down your central heating thermostat
  • Use thick curtains to keep the heat in
  • Use draught excluders at the bottom of external doors, on letterboxes or keyholes
  • Turn off the lights in a room you’re not using
  • Put aluminium foil behind radiators fitted to outside walls, to reflect the heat back into the room
  • Have a shower instead of a bath
  • Don’t boil more water than you need
  • Use a kettle to boil water rather than a pan on the stove
  • Keep your fridge and freezer well stocked as they use less energy when they're full
  • Let hot food cool down before putting it in the fridge or freezer
  • Defrost your freezer regularly to keep it running efficiently
  • Only use dishwashers and washing machines with full loads, or use a half load or economy programme
  • Wash clothes at the lowest temperature setting possible
  • Use tumble dryers as little as possible
  • Install a water meter to monitor how much water you use
  • Install insulation, double glazing or draught proofing
  • Install a more efficient boiler
  • Replace lights with low energy bulbs


Reduce your transport emissions

We know that transport is the second largest contributor to emissions accounting for about 36% of the borough’s emissions in 2017. We also know that of these emissions 61% are caused by cars, busses and trains across the borough. We can help limit the impact this has on the environment by;

  • Walking short journeys, being active is great for your physical health and fitness.
  • Cycling across London using bus and cycle lanes. Visit our cycling pages for more information or ask your employer whether they offer a cycle to work scheme.
  • Flying less by taking a staycation or travelling by train, ferry or road where possible.
  • Shopping locally as although shopping online is convenient, missed deliveries and returns mean more vehicle journeys.
  • Carsharing to halve your emissions and fuel bill.
  • Driving electric vehicles where other forms of transport are not feasible. Further information on electric vehicles can be found on our webpage.