The Youth Offending Service

The Redbridge Youth Offending and Targeted Prevention Service (YOTPS) works with children and young people who have offended or are at risk of offending, to help stop them from getting into further trouble. The service also works with parents, carers, victims and the community to help young people stay away from crime.

We want to:

  • reduce the number of children and young people entering the youth justice system
  • reduce reoffending by children and young people
  • improve the safety and wellbeing of children and young people who come into contact with the youth justice system
  • improve outcomes for children and young people in the youth justice system

The team includes social workers, YOT workers, police, probation officers and health and education workers

The Youth Offending Team Management Board

The Youth Offending Team (YOT) is overseen and guided by a Management Board with representatives from a range of organisations including the council, the police, probation, health services, the courts and the voluntary sector. It provides leadership and oversight of youth justice services and is responsible for setting the strategic framework for the service, agreeing the annual Youth Justice Plan and ensuring work within the YOT is working to National Standards. 

The Board meets every 2 months. For more information please contact the YOT office on 0208 708 7800.


Information for children and young people

If a child or young person commits an offence, there are two main outcomes:

  • Out of Court Disposals - the matter is dealt with outside of court and consist of Community Resolutions and Youth Conditional Caution (YCC) and Youth Caution (YC) 
  • Youth Court Sentences - the matter is taken to court. Find out more about this on the Referral Orders page. 

 For more information please email 


Information for Parents

We always try to work with parents and carers throughout youth justice processes. This could either happen at the start of your contact with us or as a result of a Parenting Order. For further details contact the YOT office on 020 8708 7800.

Information for victims

Every victim of a convicted child or young person will be contacted by a member of staff from the Youth Offending Team (YOT). This will usually be by letter or phone call. The victim will be given the opportunity to share their views and be involved where appropriate.

Find out more about Support for young victims of crime in London through the children and young people’s (CYP) service.


Volunteer with the Youth Offending Service

The Youth Offending Service has opportunities for volunteers to be involved in Youth Offending Panels. Full training is provided with all roles. For further details contact the YOT office on 020 8708 7800.