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How do I register?

Register online via the website

Who can register to vote?

You can register to vote if you are:

  • a British Citizen
  • a British Citizen living overseas (within 15 years)
  • a Commonwealth Citizen
  • a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or
  • a citizen of a Member State of the European Union - ( EU citizens cannot vote at UK Parliamentary elections)
  • you are or will reach the age of 18 during the life of the Register - a new Register is published each year.

View a full list of countries whose citizens are eligible to vote (PDF 192KB) 

What happens if you don't register?

If you meet the requirements for registering to vote (for example, you’re 16 or over and you’re British, Irish or a national of a European Union or Commonwealth country) and you’re invited to register, you have to do so.

If you’re invited to register and don’t do so, your local Electoral Registration Officer could impose a penalty fine of £80.

You won’t be fined if you have a valid reason for not registering, for example a long stay in hospital, not eligible due to nationality or you have severe learning difficulties.

Can you register in more than one place?

It is sometimes possible to register at two addresses (though you can only vote once in a government election). For example, if you’re a student with different home and term-time addresses, you may be able to register at both.

If you want to register at two addresses, visit the website and make two separate applications. We will look at each application and confirm whether you’re allowed to register. 

New voter registration system

A new voter registration system came into effect on 10 June 2014 across the whole country called Individual Electoral Registration (IER). Find out more about the changes in the way you register to vote.

Under the new system, everyone is responsible for registering themselves. You will need your national insurance number, date of birth and address to register. You can now register online via the website. If there are any queries relating to your application we will send you a letter requesting further information or evidence to support your application. If there are no queries a confirmation letter will be sent out to say you're registered.

Rolling registration

If your details have changed for example name, nationality or contact details please contact us via email or telephone 020 8708 7171 so we can update this for you.

If you have you moved address within or out of our borough you can visit the website and complete the application form which will remove you from your previous address or contact your appropriate new council.


Monthly revision to the published Register of Electors 2018

Effective date on Register Last date for applications Deadline to chance Open Register Status 
Tuesday 2 January 2018 Monday 11 December 2017 Tuesday 19 December 2017
Thursday 1 February 2018 Wednesday 10 January 2018 Tuesday 18 January 2018
Thursday 1 March 2018 Wednesday 7 February 2018 Thursday 15 February 2018
Tuesday 3 April 2018 Monday 12 March 2018  Tuesday 20 March 2018
Tuesday 1 May 2018  Monday 9 April 2018  Tuesday 17 April 2018
Friday 1 June 2018  Thursday 10 May 2018  Friday 18 May 2018 
Monday 2 July 2018  Friday 8 June 2018 Monday 18 June 2018
Wednesday 1 August 2018 Tuesday 10 July 2018 Wednesday 18 July 2018
Monday 3 September 2018 Friday 10 August 2018 Monday 20 August 2018
Monday 1 October 2018 Annual Canvass  Monday 17 September 2018
Thursday 1 November 2018 Annual Canvass Thursday 18 October 2018


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