Uniform and travel awards

School uniforms 

In some exceptional circumstances, we might be able to provide assistance to buy school uniforms:

  • enforced re-housing and an associated move of school
  • parent(s) and child in a refuge necessitating a change of school
  • emergency or disaster such as a fire

When applying we will ask for written evidence from the professional support agency involved with your family.

Apply for an exceptional uniform award

Send your application to: admissionsandawards@redbridge.gov.uk



Sixth form travel awards 

Your child might  qualify for a sixth form travel award if:

  • they live more than three miles from their school your gross family income is less £12,000 for the current financial year
  • families in receipt of Income Support or Income-based Job Seekers Allowance will automatically qualify for a travel award, subject to the distance criteria being met. 

Apply for a sixth form travel award 

Send your application to:  admissionsandawards@redbridge.gov.uk


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