Uniform and travel awards

School uniforms 

In some exceptional circumstances, we might be able to provide assistance to buy school uniforms:

  • enforced re-housing and an associated move of school
  • parent(s) and child in a refuge necessitating a change of school
  • emergency or disaster such as a fire

When applying we will ask for written evidence from the professional support agency involved with your family.

Apply for an exceptional uniform awards 

by completing either form:

primary exceptional uniform application form

secondary exceptional uniform application form



Sixth form travel awards 

Your child might  qualify for a sixth form travel award if:

  • they live more than three miles from their school your gross family income is less £12,000 for the current financial year
  • families in receipt of Income Support or Income-based Job Seekers Allowance will automatically qualify for a travel award, subject to the distance criteria being met. 

Apply for a sixth form travel award 

application for sixth form travel award

 Guidance notes on sixth form travel award application

When completed, the application form should be emailed to admissions@redbridge.gov.uk.

The income means the total gross income for both parents before deductions, (parents means real parents or adoptive parents) for the current financial year. Income, which is not subject to U.K. Income Tax because it is received from sources outside the UK or because the parent is residing outside the UK, must be declared, with any other income from an office, service, or employment which is exempt from tax. 

The income of a stepfather or stepmother should not be included unless he or she has legally adopted the person this award is for.

Special arrangements apply if a parent dies or the parent’s separate. If the parents are permanently separated before the start of the academic year for which the grant is being assessed, the calculation is usually based on the income of the parent the student normally lived with. Any amount received from the other parent must be declared on the form.

The following notes give detailed advice on the completion of Section B (1-20).

Section B 

Income from Salary or Wages:

If a parent/guardian is salaried or earns wages and pays Income Tax, a current payslip must be forwarded. 

Income from the profits of a business or profession

Following the introduction of self-assessment, parent(s) must provide details of their income as accurately as possible. If your child is issued with an award for the autumn term an additional form will be sent to you for completion before the spring or summer awards are issued. 

Income from additional part-time work

If a parent/guardian is salaried or earns wages and was not liable for Income Tax we require a statement from the employer showing the dates of employment and the income earned.

Child Benefit

If this section is completed, then documentary evidence will not need to be submitted.


Parents/Guardians who are in receipt of benefits (Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Income-related Employment & Support Allowance, Working Tax Credit, Childs Tax Credit, Pension Credit, Widows Benefit or Incapacity Benefit should forward copies of the benefit received. Readable photocopies of benefit agency letters will be accepted (please make sure these are dated within 6 weeks of applying for the award).

Pensions and annuities

Parents/guardians who are in receipt of these sources should provide written evidence of the income received. The authority will accept official letters or readable copies of pension books as evidence of income.

Separation or Maintenance Allowances

Any income from payments made by Court Orders, matrimonial settlement and/or other similar individual reasons, a parent/Guardian who is divorced or separated, any maintenance received from the other Parent/Guardian other than for children must be declared, and proof should be given. 

Income from property or land/or sub-letting

Parents who have income from either of these sources must provide details of their income as accurately as possible.

If your child is issued with an award for the Autumn Term an additional form will be sent to you for completion before the spring or summer awards are issued. 


Interest from Investments including bank and building society interest, interest on government stock, National Savings, SAYE and TESSAs on which tax is either not deducted or not payable.

Any other income or benefits

Parents/Guardians who have any other income or benefits must give the appropriate proof, for example, car benefit which is normally shown on a P2 Notice of Coding Certificate for the current financial year (2009/10). You can get this from H.M. Inspector of Taxes.

All entries under section b (1-20) must be supported by documentary evidence for the current financial year.

You are advised that original evidence of income will not be returned until details of the assessment of the award are available unless a specific request is made and a stamped addressed envelope is provided for this purpose.

All information about financial circumstances will be treated as strictly confidential. 

N.B. Before returning your application form, please check that the declaration in Section C has been signed and that all documentary evidence for the current financial year (readable photocopies accepted) has been securely attached. 


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